AoC - Livestream w/ Fevir

Livestream on May 8, 2017
Ashes of Creation is interviewed by special guest Fevir. Then, stick around for Q&A from the community.

Guest Q&A (Fevir)

  1. What is in that orange box?

    1. I don’t think we’re allowed to say.

  1. Why and how is crafting important to ashes of creation?

    1. It’s the part that drives the economy, we want the players to be the ones in control of what enters and exits the economy.  Crafting is what drives that.
    2. Players like different layers of complexity and that there is a difference traversing through that complexity.
    3. Similar to Eve in the transportation of goods, plays towards the meaning of risk/reward.
    4. Crafting provides value through the economy system
    5. People want to be the master crafter etc. will want to be the big driver.

  1. What professions/trade skills/or non-combat skills will be found?

    1. Artisan class is the crafting class
      1. Gatherer
      2. Processing
      3. Crafting
        1. Weaponsmith/etc
    2. Even more specializations from there

  1. How does someone specialize and differentiate themselves from others within their spec?

    1. Based on what you are focused on doing, will branch out.
    2. May do many things, but not well
    3. Or you can specialize in one thing
    4. Will create interdependency for people to collaborate.
    5. Focused on the idea of reputation, want people to be known and give others a reason to want to travel to them for something specific.

  1. Run me through the process of making a simple steel sword?

    1. Crafting the Sword of Jeffrey
      1. Find someone who is capable of gathering the materials in a specific zone.
      2. Then someone to process the materials, which may be in different zones.
      3. Then find someone to use a certain crafting recipe within a zone capable of producing it.

  1. What differentiates one sword from another?

    1. There will be widgetization of the crafting process (ex. Make a sword more magical vs. more physical; dials you can turn to change a specific recipe).
      1. Different specs will increase the size of those dials or the change the number of dials

  1. What steps are you taking to address the problem of materials being worth more than the items they create?

    1. Item sinks to create value
      1. Decay
      2. [Dis]Enchanting mechanics might involve some kind of destruction
      3. Main goal is to make sure the end product does have value; a certain amount of item cycling does need to happen to avoid the problem of having (an abundance of) +1 swords on the market.
      4. Very cognizant of the idea that item sinks are necessary

  1. In the hierarchy of items/rarity, where do crafted items sit?

    1. Crafting will be up there with the epitome of gear alongside world boss drops.
    2. Best crafted items are going to involve some major accomplishments like killing a world boss to gather the specific items
    3. Crafters will be creating many ‘best in slot’ items.
    4. Want crafters to be the rock stars of items, because they spend time building that skill and the system should have a purpose.
    5. Want to bring crafting/economy to the forefront of the game

  1. Will player stalls (offline) include functionality to sell services, extending into buffs/enchanting/etc?

    1. As far as repairs and stuff (enchantment), all of that is going ot be there as a service that players can offer.
    2. As nodes develop you’ll have more stalls available (economic nodes have more versatility/quantity of stalls)
    3. If players log off they can set up the stalls to sell items while they are offline.

  1. Are there any restrictions on where player stalls can be?  What sort of UI will there be?

    1. There will be a number of stalls equal to the development of the node in a marketplace setting
    2. There will be a user interface which looks like a town center billboard and lists the current items being sold in the stalls and their locations; can’t purchase from that UI, only the location of the stall the item is in.
    3. This helps prevent players having to go to every single stall to find out what’s available.

  1. Can I customize my player stall (visually/aesthetically)?

    1. [The stalls will visually update based on what’s being sold]  You’ll have classes of items.  If you listed that class of item you’ll have a generic type of that item appear on the stall.
    2. So if you are listing potions you’ll have some random looking potions on the stall.  If you’re listing a sword, there will visually be a sword located on the stall.

  1. For your interface have you discussed how much freedom players will have to change it/install mods?

    1. We’re leaning towards [shifty eyes] not allowing mods
    2. There will be some options for customizations
    3. But as far as “true” mods, not really sure they’re going to support
    4. Don’t want a meta to appear where mods are required to be competitive
    5. [Exception!] Superficial mods which change the aesthetic look of the UI has been implemented.

  1. How open or extensive with API options be (like Evemon in Eve Online)?

    1. We’re still discussing this, it’s not fully decided yet.
    2. Want there to be secrets you can’t datamine

  1. What is your stance on multi-boxing or dual/multiple clients open?

    1. It’s fine/no official policy.
    2. As long as you have a paid account should be ok.
    3. Reminiscing of other multibox setups they have seen.
    4. [This commentary does not appear to take macro/botters into account, but rather someone who is physically manipulating multiple accounts the normal way]

  1. Are there mockups or concept art available for the guild hall, angelic/demonic skins?

    1. In the works, some next week.

  1. Fishing, is fishing going to be in?  Any ideas on how you’re going to tackle fishing?

    1. Fishing is confirmed
    2. Pun response: Let me lure you in on fishing
    3. Fishing will play a role on that gathering sense.  
    4. Collect certain fish for potions/food.
    5. Interface-wise: might be doing something different/more engaging than what other games have done.
    6. No AFK fishing.

Predator Video (Roughly 28 mins into broadcast)


  • Bird flying
  • Telescope shown for far visuals
  • Parkour shown a bit.
  • Summons a bow with magic?
  • Stealth feature, able to walk around city without being seen.
  • Elemental/Power shot?  Red. Impales through multiple targets in a row.
  • Green Signal Flare shot
  • Trebuchet blowing up buildings
  • Predator is Rogue/Ranger, none of that was CGI

Website/Twitch Chat Questions

  1. Unpwned: What is the use of a House?

    1. Citizenship of a node
    2. To show off items
    3. Host parties
    4. Crafting spot
    5. Storage
    6. Display achievements (Boss heads)
    7. Provide bonuses for being near home (XP, etc)

  1. SaINts_Shinobi: What will you have in place to [stop] griefing in the marketplace?

    1. Confirmation through the UI (escrow system)
    2. No reason to go outside of that system

  1. Emo: What are the dev’s biggest fears and challenges in bringing AoC to life?

    1. Always going to be launch date to Jeffrey, everything goes live and you have to make sure you did everything you could.
      1. Going to keep up the level of communication with the community so that we aren’t in the dark

  1. Aang: Will a user stay in the game once they disconnect from the server?

    1. Not really only wish kiosks. Might just be replacing with NPC.
    2. There will be a delay, so that people can’t immediately get out of combat

  1. KingAxzel: Will you consider adding RP servers, just a place where RPers can hang out with each other?

    1. If the community wants to say “hey, we’ve decide this is going to be de-facto RP server,” that’s fine.
    2. It’s something that should be sprinkled out among all the servers.
    3. RP gets picked on by the hardcore community, but in reality they add immersion for everyone.

  1. Coredog: Will there be a main city that is safe for players/will cities be safe areas?

    1. “Safe” in quotes.  Guards punish violations, but will not have a hard “no combat in this area.”
    2. We want to be a little bit less proscriptive and a little bit more “let you guys figure things out on your own.”
    3. If griefing becomes a problem during testing we’ll absolutely take a look at it and address it.

  1. Possum: With regard to underrealm development, will underground/above ground nodes exist in the same ZOI (Zone of Influence)?

    1. No overlapping of ZOIs in regards to node development

  1. Akatosh: If mounts can be killed by players, will the mount be killed forever?

    1. May have been a little bit of a miscommunication last stream when i said mounts can die.
    2. Mounts can be killed in combat, but then brought back/resurrected later
    3. Epic mounts might be dropped like an egg, and that mount could have a lifetime on it.
    4. Mounts tied to the kings/queens of the castle.  If you ever lose those titles you’ll lose access to the mount.
    5. Do not need to feed mounts to keep them alive.

  1. Porenn: Will there be an auto-loot function or a loot pet?

    1. I like auto-looting most of the time, but there is something really cool about going to click on that thing and you don’t know what it has, and then it winds up being an awesome thing.  That’s a cool moment, and we don’t want to murder that moment.
    2. We’re playing with ideas there.  We’ll probably have some kind of something like that.  We don’t know what form it’s going to take yet.

  1. Flarestorm99: Will there be seasonal events/quests/holidays?

    1. Yes
    2. There will be events with seasons in the real world and seasons in the game world
    3. It’s seasons all the way down

  1. Mrpixeltech: Do you plan on integrating party system utilities? (parsing/etc)

    1. Discussing pros and cons of allowing such mods
    2. There will be PvE metrics implemented for dungeons and certain events
    3. Groups on server can compete on who does it the best
    4. There will be levels on which you’re doing that PvE that enables special loot drop tables

  1. Nosuit4321: Is there anything stopping people from just entering your freehold and attacking you?

    1. You can lock the door.
    2. We’re still discussing it.
    3. If we implement safe zones, Freeholds are a likely contender

  1. Serric: Will there be a way for people to make templates to save their builds (freeholds)?

    1. Something we’d like to do.
    2. Talking about the decorations of a house, we want people to be able to save and export that somewhere else so that they don’t have to re-decorate it exactly the same.

  1. Boyjoy: Can all classes use all weapons?

    1. For the most part, yes.
    2. Certain classes are going to gravitate towards certain types of weapons
    3. We’re not locking you down to “rogues only wear leather armor”

  1. LethalityMMO: Is the spyglass confirmed as an equipment piece?

    1. It is a utility piece ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    2. Part of adventuring is having items/skills that have utility and spyglass is an example?

  1. Lucie: What are you going to do to ensure tanks are relevant in PvP?

    1. When we talk about relevant, it’s “do they do so little DPS that they can’t kill anybody”
    2. There are a lot of roles that relate to PvP (Tanks = Control)
    3. Switching targeting, blocking off terrain, etc
    4. Every class that we are building, those archetypes have a relevant place in PvP.

      Transcript Source: Pkfyre: Google Docs


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