AoC - Livestream 7/18/17

Ashes of Creation Livestream July 18, 2017

Discussion of the creation of 2 Arenas that will be available for use at PAX (video on fast speed showing the work in progress) and also some amazing concept regarding creatures and armors. As usual the livestream ended with the Q&A’s. 

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  1. [05:27]Pre- Alpha Arenas
  2. Showing a condensed look on how it was developed.
    1. Rocks, snow, buildings, roads, castles
    2. Fog, Fires,
    3. Snowy town under siege
  3. [14:00]Metropolis Arena will be at PAX
    1. Will have random hazards, like the fireballs.
    2. They will have context.
    3. Environment will be a creature
    4. Will have different group sizes
  4. Will see a blog either today or tomorrow, about the groups Loot distribution.
  5. [15:58]Second Arena Video
    1. Metropolis Arena
    2. Pine Trees, Stadium, roads, statues,
    3. Egyptian look
  6. [22:40]Control point node.
    1. Time of control, gives points.
    2. Maidens and the serpent statues.
    3. Killing opponents earns points
    4. Killing the captain is 3x the points as another member of the team.
  7. [24:35]New Animations and creatures
    1. Concept art for birdlike creature. Birdmen
      1. Existed as great, beautiful race in the mountains
      2. Corruption in the world changed them to what they are today.
    2. Animations are still a work in progress.
    3. No textures yet.
    4. Creature shown dying. Run animation, Combat idle, Jump animation
    5. Will see these creatures at PAX
    6. Working on a Boss Animation, Animations for Tank, cleric, mage, ranger
    7. Will see changes to the Archetypes, more polish
  8. [28:38]Tank armor concept art
    1. Human Male Heavy/ Medium Armor
    2. Asymmetric Pauldrons
    3. T4 armor set
    4. Gear will come in tiers related to your adventuring class progression
    5. Will have different tiers. Will have unique appearance to race.
  9. [32:11]Cleric (available at PAX) concept art
    1. Pyrian Elf Race
    2. Medium Armor
    3. Metallic influence, with chainmail and robe.
    4. Use Staff in combat for close combat.


[34:00] How many people will be in party?

  1. 8 People, 8 archetypes , each archetype has a role.
  2. Everyone can contribute evenly

[35:58] Will different races have different base stats for identical class?

  1. Yes
  2. Race seeds it
  3. Class grows it
  4. Secondary Class grows as well

[36:47] Will there be any zones with perma climate?

  1. There will be biomes that are fixed.
  2. There will also be zones with more temperate zones.

[37:26] Will professions affect stats, like a blacksmith can get more strength?

  1. No

[37:42] Will there be any way to abandon your secondary class for another without remaking character?

  1. Important for your choices to matter
  2. Will not be something to change on the fly.

[38:30] Will I have to participate in raids and boss killing to craft certain items ?

  1. Just need to know someone who does raids in order to acquire those items

[39:05] Would you please talk briefly about tone of the game story, serious vs Humor?

  1. Story is darker. Realistic.
  2. Not cartoony or slapstick
  3. Humor will be appropriate to the setting

[40:14] If you have housing in a node that is attacked and or reduced in level, what happens to each type of housing?

  1. Static housing will no longer exist., if siege is successful
    1. Your belongs will still be retained to be placed elsewhere.
    2. Or could just be scaled back. House would just be reduced in size , if the node de levels. If you bought at an earlier level.
    3. If you bought that house at that level, you would lose it.
  2. Apartments will be gone,
    1. Any other buildings that need to be build by players choice. They can be destroyed, even if the siege is unsuccessful.
  3. Freeholds
    1. Will be an period of time after successful siege for your freeholds to be attacked.

[44:56] Will you give us gatherers a rough idea of how much can you carry? Mules, Caravans?

  1. That would include knowledge of metric scales
  2. You 100 whales , mule 1000 whales, Caravan 10,000 whales
  3. Pygmy whales being the unit of measurement

[46:40] Can i give permissions to my family to give them functions on my freehold?

  1. Yes, you can even charge them if you want too!

[46:56] Can we have seasonal specific mounts for our characters?

  1. Components that you can build on your caravan.
  2. Can enhance things like hit points & movespeed
  3. Maybe it could fall into that category, Snow, vs road wheels

[48:08] Do we know what chat channels there will be?

  1. Traditional channels
  2. Trade, shout , guild, alliance, node citizenship, organizations

[48:40] Design philosophy perspective, PVP balanced to Arenas or open world. Entry barrier?

  1. Not to be balanced 1v1, but for Group v Group or Raid v Raid
  2. One build will not be the best build. Will be situational.

[50:25] will you have a livestream of gameplay at PAX?

  1. Yes. A shoutcast

[50:58] Can we expect more videos like the level building one from today's stream?

  1. Yes, everyone has video capture installed

[51:37] What tier of gear will we be using at PAX, will it be the highest one?

  1. Will be close, the tier under the highest. Of a level 10

[52:10] When will we see summoner looks, skills, gameplay?

  1. Right now, we are working at chunks at a time.
  2. Working on the 4 classes for PAX
  3. Once these are done with these to a solid pre alpha state, will move to next 4

[52:42] Will the game have game settings for color blindness?

  1. Yes

[53:04] Will you be at PAX south?

  1. Unannounced

[53:15] Are armor sets race locked?

  1. no

[53:24] Will there be chariots in the arena?

  1. No..
  2. Not in game either, but still on table

[53:44] Treasure hunter job available, with puzzles, traps and lore via Tomb raider?

  1. Maps that will promote exploring to hidden treasures
  2. Not a profession

[54:33] Show some weapon skins.

  1. Not a question

[54:52] Will transmog, or dye channels be something to customize armor?

  1. Will have apperance slots, not transmog
  2. Will have a dye system

[55:33] How is the riverboat coming along?

  1. Is there a riverboat? No riverboat

[56:00] When you switch your secondary class , will you keep your old progression?

  1. Still deciding.

[56:18] We know that there will be bosses that only spawn at metropolises, Will they be needed for Mats for gear?

  1. Yes.
  2. But many ways to do it. Not only through nodes

[57:02] How will new content releases affect current content?

  1. How to tie it into current.
  2. Further Levels? New game mechanics?
  3. Will use the same hooks we have currently

[58:24] Are pygmy whale pets confirmed?

  1. They are now

[58:31] Will there be pie?

  1. Yes several .. meat pies, dessert pies

[58:42] Will there be a scoreboard for the fastest raids?

  1. Yes, it will create incentives to involve dungeons

[59:22] Are the gray cups filled with anything?

  1. water

[59:48] Will healers be able to stealth if they take rogue secondary?

  1. Yes, temporarily

[1:00:22] Will we be able to wear sandals ingame?

  1. Yes


  1. Next stream noon PDT on the 28th
  2. Summer Crowdsourcing ends this friday
  3. Affiliated program has been updated. Should be able to see them.
  4. Thanks for joinin

Transcript Source: AoCWiki



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