AoC - Livestream 7/28/17

Ashes of Creation Livestream July 28, 2017

Discussion of PAX (check out video below) and also some amazing concept. As usual the livestream included with Q&A’s. 

Stream Starts 1:54

Preview of the environment that will be playable PAX West!!
They will be having live streams during the event as well on their Twitch at 


  1. Environment Video Preview
    1. Some desert springs landscape with volcano in background Pink trees, Rocky.
    2. Scarey Totem poles.
    3. Glowy green steaming pools.
    4. Now a fiery, cave area, with red orange fiery crystals
  2. This environment available at PAX.
  3. There will be hazards within the environment
    1. Hot springs pools of acid, steam, gases.
    2. Need to be aware of where to go.
  4. Boss will be available of all the volcanic area
  5. [10:00] More Concept Art.
    1. The Cleric Piece 360 spinning view
    2. Modular, gives capability to use dyes and appearance changes.
    3. Able to customize.
  6. [11:40] Merchandise Available
    1. Lanyards, mousepads, Baseball caps, tshirts, hoodies.
    2. A single sandal
    3. Pins for PAX only for 2017
    4. Race buttons
  7. Will be releasing packages that have Pax Badges available
    1. Unique ingame cosmetics for those that attend PAX


[16:50] Will Eating food in a tavern have different affects that food eaten out in the world?

  1. Specific food for eating.
  2. Cooking profession
    1. Which changes the food tier to have a more beneficial effect
  3. Eating in a tavern gives you another buff if spec’d for it.
    1. Gives you a reason to put a tavern strategically on freeholds
    2. If you stay in proximity of that tavern you get those additional benefits.

[18:09] Jeff made a reference to guild housing, does this refer to existing guild halls, fortress , or castles, or does this mean guild owned player housing ?

  1. The former, Guild hall

[18:36] What experience system will we be using, is it a multitude of skills that we have to level up individually or is there one catch all pool?

  1. One Catch all pool
  2. You will be able to spec deeper into one skill over the other.
  3. You will have skill trees you cannot have all the skills on.

[19:44] Will caravans have set routes or will we be able to take them anywhere we please?

  1. Both
  2. Different types of caravans
    1. Self directed.
    2. Quest driven.

[20:20] Can our characters be a cross between two races?

  1. The Tulnar is the closest you get to that. It is 3 races but really one race.

[20:56] Last stream you mentioned that components of caravans will be crafted, does this mean just parts of the caravan are player crafted or all?

  1. When you are forming a caravan , a certificate that gets stamped, by NPC node of interest.
  2. Upgradeable items
    1. Wheels
    2. Chaise
    3. Mounts
    4. Armor rating , HP
  3. Base Values. But up to crafter bringing up those factors.

[22:25] Will we have jewelry crafting?

  1. Yes

[22:38] Will there be race / class locked crafting content?

  1. No, unless quest specific
  2. Or Organization locked?

[23:19] Will the character screen be inspected by others?

  1. Check out gear score??
  2. May be something players can opt into
  3. Since its a PVP game want players to learn Visual cues instead.
  4. Don’t want ppl to see gearscore due to elitism in dungeon groups

[24:57] How many gear slots are you aiming to have ?

  1. 8 armor
  2. 5 jewelry
  3. 2 weapon
  4. 1 ranged
  5. Total of 16

[25:19] When the players first arrive will the world be fresh and completely empty or will there be a number of large static not node related npc cities?

  1. When you first enter the world
  2. 5 areas
    1. Tulnar in underrealm
    2. 4 divine great gateways
  3. Can choose your divine gateway, not restricted by race
  4. There will be a settlement, foothold for the scouts
  5. On a very small portion of the map to learn / tutorial area

[27:04] Will you give away PAX hats for those that want to look cooler?

  1. Hats will be available . Not necessarily PAX hats

[28:00] More Concept Art

  1. WIP Badges for KS / Summer packages
  2. Healer Staff
  3. Boots, wrist for cleric
  4. Totem Poles

[33:25] Node?

  1. yes

[33:38] Can I duel wield greatswords ?

  1. No

[34:04] Can you give us a teaser about the fishing skill?

  1. They mimic casting a fishing line

[34:31] Can you switch gear while in combat?

  1. No

[34:42] When will you release node part 3 video?

  1. We haven’t forgotten it.
  2. We are currently sprinting toward milestone.

[35:18] Will alpha be starting next year or will we see a surprise in 2017?

  1. no

[35:45] Does everybody be on the same server, without having to create another character on another server?

  1. Wil be multiple servers
  2. Will not be sharding

[36:20] What other animals do you see being breedable / tameable, any concept art?

  1. Kickstarter mounts.
  2. Have a lot of tameable creature
  3. Can create different types of creatures

[36:58] During a node or caravan siege, will healers be able to heal NPC guards?

  1. Do not know yet
  2. Want them to be a significant presence but not the main front line

[37:30] What support will there be for RPers?

  1. Places to be social, and things to do that aren’t combat related
  2. Player driven

[38:07] What is the number 1 response you hope to receive from players at PAX?

  1. OMG this is awesome!!
  2. That it is fun
  3. All feedback is good feedback.

[38:48] Do you have concept art for Fire and Ice elementals?

  1. We will , but not right now

[39:08] Can we expect flails, the chain morning stars?

  1. That would be cool
  2. But unfortunately not for now.
  3. Each weapon takes alot to apply animations

[39:50] Are we going to get jumping puzzles?

  1. Yes, makes environment interesting

[40:22] Will there be halberds and bagpipes?

  1. May be an Instrument cosmetic to change what the music plays

[41:28]Will ashes have a dynamic weather system and will it vary in intensity?

  1. Yeah. Matter of degree.

[42:16] I love you Steven?

  1. Didn’t put a question mark

[42:40] Will we be able to kill any NPC?

  1. No

[43:36] Will there be 1v1 or 2v2 or will 4 be the smallest?

  1. Yes

=[43:58] Will bosses have Artificial Intelligence in some way?

  1. They have too, yes
  2. Some scripting

[44:25] Is there going to be hidden spells in the game?

  1. Ones that may not appear naturally on your skill bar, that you would have to discover.
  2. Well you will have to discover.

[45:04] Will AoC be P2W?

  1. NO

[45:22] Will each weapon have its own animation / fighting style, different animations for caster , melee?

  1. Different animation for fighting styles weapons

[46:33] On a scale to 1-10 how pleased are you with progress?

  1. An 11, 11, 10 ok fine 11

[47:15] Will there be plant based mounts that can grow out of the ground when summoned?

  1. There could be

[47:44] Can you talk about how naval combat will be on the seas, how you picture it, pve / pvp?

  1. I envision different types of ships that have different looks, capabilities, purposes.
  2. Perform certain roles against each other and Monsters
  3. Solo player to group size to raid size.
  4. Fun environment

[49:16] Will you be able to change the boob size on female models?

  1. Yes

[50:04] AoC Mugs?

  1. There will be AoC Mugs

[50:22] Can you drown in the game?

  1. Yes
  2. Ways to get around it.


  1. Thank you for tuning in.
  2. Merchandise will be available on the website.
  3. We have PAX tickets.
  4. See you in 2 weeks @ 3pm Friday.

Transcript Source: AoCWiki


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