AoC - Livestream & Gameplay

Published on May 30, 2017
[Pre-Alpha Footage] Gameplay and Livestream regarding Kickstarter and more

Start of Stream without audio issues - 2:38

4:40 - Can you do human sacrifice?
5:16 - Studio tour in a video?
5:50 - How will weapons be linked with archtypes and or 2nd classes
6:51 - What is preventing people from grouping in one metropolis instead of breaking one down
8:30 - What do you have to offer for role players?
9:38 - Will there be birthday rewards and daily quests?
10:30 - Can we own a mine?
13:56 - Will there be spider mounts?
14:41 - Will the number of metropolises will be changed due to the underrealm?
16:08 - Will there be combat RNG? (accuracy and crit)
16:57 - New beast race picture
20:50 - Gameplay footage!

Video of Gameplay:


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