AoC - Livestream w/ Aggelos

Kickstarter Livestream May 19, 2017
Ashes of Creation is interviewed by special guest Aggelos. Then, stick around for Q&A from the community.

Stream starts at 1:52, Gameplay starts at 29:04

Guest Q&A (Aggelos - Dungeon Crawler Network)

  1. [4:00] Combat, Tanking, you mentioned before that tanks will have an ability that will make them force targets to attack them instead of a weaker target?

    1. How exactly does that work?
    2. Blocking can refer to incoming damage or projectiles or hits that are against you personally or you ability to project control over the battlefield like creating zones and walls on the battlefield.
      1. Creating collision zones, walls etc.
      2. Skill to jump back and drop a wall that has collision with players.
      3. Walls will perform a collision effect.
    3. If they need to stop a charge they can probably do that in a number of ways,
    4. Trying to deny people entry to areas, and taking damage on the behalf of other
      1. Taunt skill - force people to target swap
  2. [7:30] Will tanking be reserved to the class that you have or will it be possible to create a hybrid tank with a mage for example?

    1. Tanky mages will generally speaking not be able to keep up with a full-tank.
    2. Mage tanks will be able to have some options for mitigating and reducing damage.
    3. Off-tanks are possible, there is a gradient between off tank and full tank.
    4. Mage tanks may be viable depending on the situation.
  3. [9:00] Summoners, pet classes aren’t really pet classes, they are character with a pet that does some minor damage and acts as a stat stick. How reliant is a summoner on a summon? E.G. WoW Hunter pets dying is no big deal.

    1. Summoner classes live and breath through their pet/summon/creature
    2. Summoner class have a lot of abilities that channel through a summon.
    3. Some skills pertain to what a pet has, with regards to what a summoner can do, you’re essentially playing through the summon in some respects.
    4. Summoners can collaborate to summon larger summons,
      1. Penultimate summoner skill
      2. Large groups of summoners can create large siege golems[Possibly]
  4. [12:30] Character death and respawning, what are the mechanics of dying?

    1. You don’t lose experience, you gain negative experience
  5. [14:30] How long are utilities intended to last? Will there be a ring around the player to know when he’s invisible?

    1. Make sure people are aware skills being shown are more cinematic at the moment
    2. Utility abilities include anti-stealth abilities
      1. “Arcane Eye” can detect stealth
  6. [15:00] Guilds.  Guild Progression.  When a guild is created, how many members can join?

    1. No answer yet. No speculation on the numbers yet.
    2. They are aware of two things:
      1. Zergs never make for fun gameplay
      2. We don't want our guild system to encourage zerging
    3. We are very aware friends and people part of large guilds want to remain with them
      1. Make it meaningful for small guilds to contend with large guilds
    4. Getting player cap will be able to be obtained quickly
      1. May be bound behind a progression path
        1. May start with max capacity
        2. Will involve testing
    5. “In (steve) my opinion, we are going to have the most in-depth guild system ever seen.”
    6. Make sure guild experience is a good one
  7. [18:30] What functions will guilds have to rally members to a location (outside of chat)?

    1. They do not like the ability for guilds to instantly rally and port to points on a map.
    2. There should be an element of intelligence gathering and strategy/travel
    3. A portion of the interface will come into play with a “certain software” (looks at co-hosts) they are talking about implementing
      1. Also allows something “outside of the game”
    4. Have a very functional UI
      1. Calendar, roster, etc.
  8. [21:00] How will the guild advancement be determined?  How will buffs be… to members?

    1. It will relate to a few things
      1. We want guilds to participate in development of the world via accomplishments
        1. Crafting certain items
        2. Events
  9. [22:00] How large will dungeons be?  Multiple rooms and access points?  Access from the underrealm?

    1. Our intent is that it’s going to be “massive”.
    2. Big focus on big things.
    3. We want places where people with 30 minutes can participate as well
      1. Larger commitments and smaller commitments
    4. “Massive caverns” and “massive dungeons”
      1. Dungeons in open world that players can contend with
  10. [23:30] Will dungeons be subject to same rules as open world pvp?

    1. There will be open world dungeons that will be focused for drop tables and items
    2. Flagging system presents potential for two parties to have open conflict.
  11. [24:00] How are you going to make the PvE experience so that raid and dungeon bosses be done with mechanics in place without zergs ignoring them.

    1. There are specific mechanics that the players need to learn and react to, skill and knowledge, to complete the boss, preventing them being zerged through
    2. Bring as large of a zerg as you want, if they do not know mechanics they will be wiped
    3. Want players to learn raid composition, skills of bosses, mechanics etc.
    4. Zerging is not experiencing content
  12. [26:00] Will we be able to set Freehold permissions (e.g. lock the doors)?

    1. Yes, you will be able to lock your door.
    2. You will be able to put an access list to it.
    3. Co-owner is a little rough, may not be in game. Needs more work on backend. Planning on having it.
    4. Co-ownership is different from giving access
  13. [27:00] What will happen to the Freehold when the node de-levels or is destroyed?

    1. **Ice Cream truck arrives**
    2. Players need to be ever-aware
    3. When a siege is successful against a node, node will go through a period of open-combat
      1. During this time freeholds are open to being destroyed
      2. Could last an hour or longer

  1. [29:00] Even if city goes down, you can defend your freehold?

    1. Yes. There will be structures on your freehold and guards you can obtain that will help you defend your land.
    2. Could be a roaming band of marauders roaming the countryside after node goes down
    3. If you lose your house/land it will not be extensive to replace it.
      1. “Will not be end of the world”
      2. You will be able to save designs etc.
    4. You will have a certificate that tracks major milestones (such as furnace as example) that might be there next time you rebuild
  2. [31:00] How are the freehold locations going to be set up?  Designated areas or every square inch?

    1. Assets within the world carry with them a template
    2. Dungeons etc. will have block out areas
    3. Does not want to go down the route of “housing zones”
    4. Will be proximity markers that do not allow people to stack houses
    5. More open plot/placement design\
    6. You will need a leveled up node to place them to begin with
      1. “See civilization with civilization”
  3. [33:00] When nodes level up, who decides building locations?

    1. When nodes developed they will have a base style template
      1. Based on race
      2. Type of node
    2. Player ran government will have sectored out areas blank and require directions from mayor to decide what gets built there
      1. Examples like marketplace, barracks etc.
      2. Once determined community will need to come together to build
    3. Some things out of the box, some things chosen by players.
      1. We expect different governments to change the buildings
  4. [35:00] Will the cities have predetermined names or player named cities like CityMcCityface?

    1. City names will be pre-determined
      1. May be able to choose from a list
      2. No complete custom names for cities
  5. [36:00] Will each server have unique landmass or the same? Or, will only the node progression be unique?

    1. World is same regardless across each server.
    2. Only change is how nodes are developed.
      1. They do not believe completely procedural systems always work, sometimes “soulless”
      2. Stories and cities will change, land will not

  1. [37:00] Enhanced naval combat: Can ships be destroyed by players or monsters?

    1. Yes
  2. [37:10] Can we siege a coastal node from the sea?

    1. Maybe, it’s possible.
    2. We are still talking about it, now that they have the kickstarter goal reached
    3. Want to make sure mechanics blend well
  3. [38:00] How will underwater environments work?  How will players breathe? Will there be potions or items?

    1. We are including different mechanics
      1. Items
      2. Potions
      3. Food
      4. Skills
    2. Want to make sure the content underwater is accessible, not cumbersome
  4. [39:00] Will the bard class feature SWG non-combat skills… like music?

    1. Probably not in that way.
    2. Will be more based on where the area is, who is taking part
    3. We do not want a specific class to be the downtime guy
    4. Bards will have utility out of combat like all classes
  5. [40:00] Will any spells require players to be stationary and will players be able to interrupt?

    1. There will be skills that lock you down
    2. Some abilities will make you a bigger target
    3. There will chances to interrupt
      1. Some abilities are better than other at interrupting
  6. [42:00]  Do you intend to limit the number of spells you can learn or only those that can go on the bar?

    1. No, you will not have a hundred spells on your bar.
    2. There is no a spellbook, no memorization
  7. [43:00]  Unique and legendary items:  Will there be lore and backstory for these items?  Will there be clues on how and where to find them?

    1. Yes. The intention of the items is to make sense as to why they exist
    2. One server may find an item completing a certain story
  8. [45:00]  PvP: How are the “battlegrounds” going to function (instanced?) and how will they relate with the arena system?  How will they fit in with the world?

    1. Clarification on battleground: They consider battlegrounds any zone within the open world, that does not involve a flagging system but everyone there is flagged.
    2. Battlegrounds to (Steve) are open world systems where everyone is involved
  9. [46:00]  When sieging a node, what is the win condition for each side?

    1. We will release more on that in the future through a blog.
    2. A lot of phases to the system
      1. Very in-depth
    3. They will reserve that one for the future blog post
    4. There will be objectives for attackers revolving around a central point
      1. Will be quadrants that can be captured giving advancements to attackers
    5. Defenders can assault outposts of the attackers to disable them
    6. Timeframe for them to hold out the central point
  10. [48:00]  Once a node is destroyed/reset, does that open up the opportunity for another node [location] to raise up?

    1. They can build up the other node that had its growth stunted to unlock content

[28:00] Gameplay Footage (in the background)

  • Showing a gateway in a starting area
  • Some Mage Combat
  • Mage walking around the zone away from the gate
  • Encampment
  • Mage light orb

Forum Questions

  1. Will we be able to customize ships?

    1. Yes there will be customization.
  2. Will there be NPCs on freeholds?

    1. Yes there will be NPCs per choice on your freehold
    2. You can choose to hire people or not
  3. How will guild halls effect nodes

    1. Halls are going to unlock certain actions a guild can perform within a city and node
    2. Allow a guild to participate in the shareholder system (3mil goal)
  4. Will there be multiple religions ?

    1. Yes, we're giving you the option to choose.
    2. There is progression paths within religions
    3. Multiple deities.
  5. Will leveling experience be from monster kills, or PvP and other functions?

    1. Yes, all of the above
  6. Will players have the ability to own multiple freeholds?

    1. No, you may only ever declare citizenship for one node
    2. May own  one of each type of housing (one freehold, one static node home , and one instanced apartment.)
  7. Will the area music change when you’re under attack?

    1. Yes, 100%, battle declared = heavy percussion
  8. Will you be able to store items in your freehold?

    1. Yes
  9. Will a guild be able to declare war with another guild?

    1. Yes

Transcript Source: Pkfyre: Google Docs


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