AoC - Livestream w/ DeathsProxy

Kickstarter Livestream May 17, 2017
Ashes of Creation is interviewed by special guest DeathsProxy. Then, stick around for Q&A from the community.

0:44 - Start of the Stream
In-Game footage at 32:05 with a walkthrough of the metropolis and surrounding area
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Guest Q&A (DeathsProxy)

  1. You have reached 2 million, compared to other KS projects very quick, how do you feel about that?

    1. Really surreal. Feel like it’s a bit of a dream
    2. Incredible community response.
    3. Put things into perspective, shows that the community is as passsionate about MMORPGs and the direction of the genre.
      1. Shared vision.

  1. Underrealm Race, explain some details?

    1. Race that includes some beast like qualities.
    2. Fled to the UnderRealm area to escape the atrocities of the surface.
    3. Won’t be returning to the world, instead returning to the surface.
      1. Poking their head out for the first time in generations.
    4. Portals spooling up has done other things to the world, has brought this Underrealms attention to the surface.
  2. Social Organisations, go into more details?

    1. Social Orgs as introduced are in-depth ways for players to interact with the world around them in a different manner.
    2. Hierarchical paths pertaining to specific quest lines for the thematic group.
    3. Thieves guild may have objectives/quests towards securing a particular item to level up within the guild.
    4. Can only pledge loyalty to one social organisation.
      1. Can switch, but will lose progress in the first org.
    5. Progression through the organisation by accomplishing tasks/quests.
    6. Function a little bit like factions.
    7. For everyone.
      1. All about creating micro communities within the game.
        1. Might relate to which bosses might need to be killed first, effect building progression.
  3. 3 Million Stretch Goal - Stock Market, expecting something more impressive, something amazing, sure traders are really happy about it. Problems tend to arise from these kind of simulationist economies, EvE Online came across issues where markets were being overly manipulated, what happens if AoC’s market reaches a similar point?

    1. Don’t think that will happen.
    2. One of the most important things when it comes to deciding stretch goals is making sure new features don’t provide a road block, or a slow down on development.
      1. Won’t name those games *cough* Star Citizen.
    3. Want to hit all their pillars with stretch goals, this hits the economy pillar.
    4. Very in depth stretch goal, very intrical part to the economic game.
      1. Might not exactly be a stock market, but it communicates the intent.
      2. Three primary points of organisation in the world.
        1. Nodes
        2. Player created guilds
        3. Social Organisations (stretch goals)
      3. Won’t have people sitting in a metropolis pushing out buy/sell orders on futures.
      4. Will be fitting for the setting,
    5. As nodes develop, player governments might open markets, players can then possibly buy shares into that markets performance.
      1. Based on hard metrics
        1. Quest lines, nearby resources, citizens progressions, purchases of local real estate.
        2. Will determine the value of those purchasable stocks.
    6. Similar system for guilds.
      1. Guilds might declare citizenship to a node.
      2. Each of those guilds can then issue shares.
    7. Social Organisations will have a similar system.
    8. Wanted to introduce a new element to the economy, that is very in depth, that allows players to participate using mechanics to become investors in different communities.
      1. Any element that introduces investment that is based on gold, huge potential for players to game the system.
        1. Can look at previous examples like EvE, look at Alpha/Beta, make sure that they don’t create run away systems.
    9. When players are given metrics and different values, they are able to identify trends and things, those metrics give players windows into what the server is doing.
      1. Allows players to forecast what’s happening in the servers future.
      2. Beneficial for players to have this information available.
        1. Even if not interacting, gives players the ability to just see how their guilds/groups/nodes are doing.
    10. Sieges stop some functionality, markets within nodes that distribute shares will close, won’t be able to trade shares.
      1. Potential for economic sabotage, declare against a node, lock down economic trading in that node.
  4. Homogenization of the MMORPG genre, lots of games have become very samey, slightly different, just old games reskinned. Node system makes the game quite unique, however, what else would you consider groundbreaking?

    1. Node system is very revolutionary aspect of how the progression of the game works, backbone of the design philosophy.
    2. That in itself explodes how an MMO works
    3. Storytelling system.
      1. More organic
      2. Different servers will have different stories.
      3. Previous games stories were mostly about the player groups, rather than an overarching server narrative.
    4. Coming at the game from the perspective of the gamer.
      1. Community involvement and discussion.
      2. Forefront of what they are trying to do.

  5. Regarding ultimate bonuses granted by metropolis. Science = Fast Travel. What are the other bonuses of the other node types?

    2. Audio Issues, not understandable (x2)
    3. Still being designed, lots of ideas.
      1. Will be playtesting a lot of them during alpha/beta
      2. Finding which is most balanced.
    4. Metropolis is such a macro level area, such a huge endeavour, bonuses should be world changing things, have to be very careful with them.
    5. Long list of different types.
    6. Don’t want to jump the gun.
  6. Quite an interesting class system, combat class, religion class, artisan class. Will you be adding more of these post release?

    1. Possible. Enough design space to expand on the base system, can be expanded out, don’t want to go crazy, don’t want to create a class for the sake of having a new class.
    2. New classes is mostly a balancing question
    3. More than possible, more like probable, very likely.
    4. Level cap will almost certainly be raised as new content is added.

  1. Naval content. Nothing has really been said about what kind of content this will be. What can we expect?

    1. Putting actual content in the seas
      1. Stuff that happens on the ocean, under the ocean, island chains.
    2. Trying to hit all the pillars with this system.
    3. Big enough of a system that it deserved its own stretch goal
      1. A lot of stuff to fill, not just sailing on the ocean for 10 minutes, plenty of action and stuff, ability to explore.
        1. Was there Atlantis? Did people live here? Those kinds of questions should be provoked.
  2. What about Ships? Will ships be realistically controlled, or more arcadey? Crew members raising sails? Just control with WASD?

    1. Interesting in moving it towards a profession that players can level up
      1. Specific abilities that relate to water activities.
    2. Physics is really tough, especially in an MMO.
      1. All clients need to be sync’d.
    3. Simulation of those physics, won’t have wind speed and tacking, really technical sailing stuff.
    4. When you try to include those aspects, you begin to see player performance impacts.
    5. Can soft simulate things like that.
    6. Some ships might more North/South faster, or move faster during a time of day.
    7. Simulated realism.
  3. Possible we will see a Naval Class?

    1. More likely a profession.
    2. Limited in scope, but lets players get better at sailing, firing cannons, (Cannons not confirmed!).

  4. Camera questions. What kind of camera options will we have? FoV? Zoom level?

    1. Want to provide lots of versatility. Mostly a polish question, so will depend on the game being done first, then they will iterate on camera options.

  5. In terms of open world PvP, the game does have arenas planned, will that detract from the open world PvP when they can just fight in arenas?

    1. World PvP should be meaningful, and arena PvP won’t have that meaning, arenas are one off session things, were as open world PvP has higher stakes.
    2. Won’t see the same scale in the arenas that you might see in the open world.
    3. Consequence and meaning will draw arena players into the open world, rather than the other way around.
    4. Inclusion of arenas is to provide options, some people don’t want to do open world PvP all the time.

  1. Do you have a name for the world yet?

    1. Have a very specific timetable for setting lore.
    2. Close, but not yet. Soon™.
  2. Noticed that some streams that they want to keep their lore secret, but also want to franchise it. Insuinuates things. Merchandising, books, other games. What plans do you have?

    1. Of the opinion that this story that is being created is very in depth one. Has a lot of different aspects to it. Personally knew that from the get go that it would be a franchise. Many different ways to interact.
    2. Want to do it with a lot of different avenues.
    3. AoC is the flagship, will be the driving factor for that franchise.
    4. Once AoC is successful, then they will branch out.
    5. Stories to be told, but can’t be told in an MMORPG.
      1. Can’t cover them all just in AoC
      2. So many stories that are great
    6. Bigger the franchise, the bigger the MMO.
  3. No one has asked any questions for roleplayers. Steven is a big roleplayer, what kind of RP elements will the game have to allow them to tell their story?

    1. Think that one of the cool things they are doing is expanding outside of the typical.
    2. Musical playing with instruments.
    3. Easter eggs out in the world.
    4. Social buildings provide spaces for players to gather and tell/share stories, while also effecting the game and interacting with the world.
    5. One thing to make an MMO, another thing to make an RPG. Lots of different systems that allow stories to be told by doing.
    6. In game government system builds into this.
  4. Regarding P2W, advocate a very anti-P2W stance. What happens when Intrepid when suffers financial ruin? How will you react to that?

    1. If Intrepid Studios comes into issues, and it were ever the case that things are going badly, adding Pay2Win garbage will never help.
    2. If the game is doing badly, it means the game is bad, adding Pay2Win doesn’t help turn that around, it accelerates the death of the game.
    3. Pay2Win is a short term solution to a long term problem.
    4. Look at Final Fantasy, they saw what was wrong, re-approached the game and solved issues. They would try to do something similar.
    5. Developers have clear objectives, passionate at making AoC the most successful MMORPG.
      1. Goal is to create a perfect product that attracts MMORPG players.
      2. If you build it they will come.
      3. If they mess up, they will need to reevaluate, not introduce bad mechanics on top of that.
    6. MakeMMOsGreatAgain



  • Meme Contest.
    • Very talented Meme-mesters.
    • ReknownedMeme
    • DriveGrudo?
    • AdamJY
    • Falcons
    • Viktay?


  • JaySolo: Will players be able to import images and place them onto in game objects?
    • No, from the out of game pictures. Intend to have an in depth in game symbol editor that will allow lots of customisation.
      • Copyright issues.
      • Breaks immersion.
  • Nevermuse: What will the in game chat system be like?
    • Very in depth
      • Channels will be standards like Trade, Area, Party, Raid, Guild, maybe even Social Org, Node Citizenship.
      • VoiP for parties and raids. Maybe for guilds.
        • Cool thing to implement, adds a layer of communication to the game.
  • NoSpark: Can guilds have more than one guild leader?
    • No, guilds will have one leader.
      • Many different abilities that can be delegated down to members.
  • How extensive will enchanting be? Will we be able to do it as a trade?
    • Yes, as a trade.
    • Lots of options for people to make use of.
  • What is the plan should servers become overpopulated?
    • Keeping server populations managed from the start.
      • Fairly standard to previous games.
    • As servers approach population caps, would add soft caps to new character generation.
    • More preventative than reactive.
  • BCGiant: Will the corruption system be enough to keep people getting around the death penalty and keep from from going on killing sprees?
    • Yes, hopefully.
  • Mycroft: What currently released game has the most comparative combat system?
    • No real answer, not most akin to any other game, trying something new.
    • As soon as you say a title, people's expectations are set.
    • Combat is an intimate system, the one that players interact with the most.
      • Something they are dedicating a lot of time and effort to getting right, feels good, fluid.
      • Includes skill and ability
      • Skill effects are cool without being overpowering.
  • DragonSRU: Can people steal stuff from your Freehold?
    • No. No stealing in Freeholds.
    • If they destroy the node, yes.
      • Stored materials would be lootable.
    • Nobody will just wander up to your Freehold and steal your chairs.
  • Sylvana? Can you give more information about breeding? Will mounts have unique traits?
    • Yes, mounts will have unique traits that you can try and breed into lines.
    • Unique mounts out in the world that you can go out and try and breed with.
    • Won’t be relegated to just mounts, will include pets, livestock.
  • Will the game have animation cancelling?
    • Not a fighting game. If an ability is available, you will be able to use it. Won’t be animation locked. Not a part of combat at the moment.
  • Will there be a campsite mechanic?
    • Yes. Similar to how Inns and Taverns work. If you eat something within a campsite, you might get benefits of that food while within the AoE of the campsite.
  • How do you plan on making Bards cool?
    • Won't be a hybrid, don't have a role.
    • Will make the role meaningful with engaging combat.
    • Doesn't have to play musical instruments / lute
      • Dance
      • Theater
      • Poetry
  • Will summoners get to choose the look of their summons?
    • Summoners will have some customisation over the way their summons appear.
      • Cosmetic differences will be determined by in game choices.
        • Class specific changes, augment archetype.
        • Race specific.
  • How will one learn to ride?
    • Just happens.
  • Will the game be translated into other languages?
    • Goal is to do so, depends on development timelines.
    • Yes, they want to bring it to the populations that are interested.
    • Not sure about having dedicated servers for languages (French server), will be Euro server, might unofficially be a server that is played by a lot of French players.

      Transcript Source: Pkfyre: Google Docs


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