AoC - Livestream w/ MJ Guthrie

Livestream on May 12, 2017
[Kickstarter Livestream] Ashes of Creation is interviewed by special guest MJ Guthrie. Then, stick around for Q&A from the community.

NOTE: Livestream starts at 3:34

Guest Q&A (MJ Guthrie)

  1. [05:00] How was the game paid for previously? Reason they went to kickstarter?

    1. Steven is personally funding the project, has a lot of resources.
    2. Kickstarter has evolved as a platform
      1. Provides capital
      2. Important that with the nature of credibility KS has suffered
        1. Wanted to show that there has already been work done on the project
      3. Kickstarter used to accelerate production/add in additional features prior to launch
      4. Huge broadcasting platform, wanted to emphasize community aspect

  1. [10:20] How is the search for staffing going?  What are the different leads bringing into the team from their past experiences?

    1. Have to make sure our growth is timed appropriately
    2. Steven believes previous MMOs (like EQNext) failed due to a management problem
    3. We want people who have a real “background” in game development, MMORPG experience, AAA titles, etc.
    4. Having experienced developers helps you know what you can and can’t do

  1. [17:00] Is there a grappling hook utility [item]?

    1. There is a grappling hook utility item

  1. [18:00] How would you explain what the use of node system is? [Node concept]

    1. Everywhere in the world is undeveloped
    2. As your player gains experience/does things within a ZOI, the node will gain experience
    3. As the node gains experience it will advance in stages
      1. New tiers unlock more content, politics, etc
      2. Expands ZOI
    4. Allows players to decide how a server unfolds
    5. You are not [hard]locked into a node, there are many nodes you can lend your experience too

  1. [21:00] Who is the audience for your game? (Sheep, Wolves, Sheepdogs)  What kind of ideas do you have in-place for an influx of “gank squads?”

    1. Game is designed for a PvX mentality
    2. Not creating a murder box, corruption system disincentivizes outright murder
    3. Devs don’t see guilds coming in and just wrecking newbies.
    4. PvP core aspect of the game, for it to matter you need an “A+” PvE world
    5. Risk v. Reward
    6. AoC is not a gankfest game.

  1. [29:30] How will mob tagging work?  How will looting work?  Combat?

    1. No nailed down system on mob tagging
      1. Will release developer blogs on these specific mechanics
    2. Want to make sure the combat system is done well
      1. Most focus is on the combat system
      2. Apprehensive of showing unfinished gameplay because people jump to conclusions.
        1. There will be cooldowns
        2. Fast paced
        3. Skill will play an important role
        4. Positioning, kiting, battlefield control

  1. [32:00] Is the spyglass Rogue only or can other classes use various utility skills?

    1. Each class will have it’s own way of using “utility” skills
    2. Each will have it’s own niche
    3. Spyglass will likely be only rogue, maybe ranger
    4. Wide array of utilities relate to the wide array of hazards

  1. [34:00] Fishing system?

    1. Devs are fans of fishing
    2. There will be a good fishing system
    3. Fishing OP confirmed

  1. [34:30] Will there be a guild war system?  Multiple guilds in a war?

    1. Yes
    2. They are not flagged open world, just to each other
    3. There may be objectives, etc
    4. May have mechanic that allows alliances to war against each other
    5. Guilds are not limited to warring one guild at a time
  2. [36:00] Endgame?  Raids?

    1. Strong focus on epic content, no “endgame” per say
    2. “Endgame” is a bad term because AoC is structured so that content is constantly being revealed to you.  More about the development of the server than hitting max level, etc.
    3. Want to maintain the relevancy of the entire world, not just moving zone -> zone

  1. [38:00] Anything like story bricks?

    1. We do have a story system at both the regional and global levels
    2. We have events that will be the main driver of story in the world
    3. Want to make the world feel reactive, building story into the game manually
    4. Not procedurally generated

  1. [41:00] Are there any daily [quests]?  Things you have to grind?

    1. We don’t want you to feel like you are grinding
    2. Tasks will come and go in regional areas, will react to events in the world
    3. Want to stay away from “daily quests”

[45:00] Intermission

[47:00] In-Game (live) Stream


  • Metropolis Node
    • .5 KM radius?
  • Showing footage from Predator perspective
    • Tumble/roll
    • Invisibility is Rogue primary skill
      • Can run while invisible
  • Relic
    • Protective relic was preventing attack
    • Taking it enabled the siege
  • Kiosks
    • Rentable, for period of time
    • Lets you set-up shop with inventory
  • Mansion style homes
    • Static homes develop with node as it progresses
    • One of the biggest reasons to get into a node early
  • Apartment complex
    • Stage 4 (maybe 5)
    • Player government has the ability to begin construction on apartment complex
    • Allows for player housing within the node, instanced housing (grants citizenship)
    • Price scales with number of citizens
  • Bulletin board
    • Nodes within a region may share a board w/ marketplace to direct people to different kiosks/stalls
  • Placeholder UI
    • Haven’t begun to work on UI at all, just there for functions atm
  • Walked around Temple

Forum Questions

  1. [55:30] CptBrownBeard: Will Devs be in-game with other players?  Will they be interactive?

    1. Will depend on where they are at when they get to launch
    2. GM events are something they would love to do
      1. Depends on how many people they can staff
    3. Tenatively yes
    4. Phoenix initiative
    5. You will see GMs log-in

  1. [57:00] Welshynator: Will the game have a day/night cycle?  Any effect on gameplay?

    1. There will be a day/night cycle
    2. There won’t be change everywhere, but there will be changed some places
    3. Different monster tables

  1. [58:30] Damonicas: Will players be able to build mage towers or other class flavored structures on their freehold?

    1. Profession flavored structures, not class flavored
    2. You may be able to have different kinds of “skins” to flavor things more mage like

  1. [58:40] Redemerosha: Will the game have voice over?

    1. Something that we “want”
    2. Expensive
    3. Not high on the priority list at all

  1. [59:30] GRIZZLY2016: Will crafting stations only be found on freeholds or can Artisans craft on the go?

    1. Right now, we’re looking at keeping things in-station/at a node.
    2. Will be on recipe/profession basis

  1. [60:30] Unpwned: Will the node type locations change between Beta/Release?

    1. Yes there could be changes
  2. [61:00] missbanjo: Can you tell us more about housing, will they have predetermined looks?

    1. They will have predetermined looks and skins to change those looks
    2. Preconstructed designs
    3. Expanding your home will bring modular aspects you can change/customize

  1. [62:20] Ayden: Will there be class locked gear? (Other than utility items)

    1. Probably not?
    2. Maybe specific epic things that only work for a specific person, but those would be far and few between.

Transcript Source: Pkfyre: Google Docs


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