AOC - Livestream w/ TheLazyPeon

Kickstarter Livestream May 15, 2017
Ashes of Creation is interviewed by special guest TheLazyPeon. Then, stick around for Q&A from the community.

2:35 - Start of the Stream

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Guest Q&A (TheLazyPeon)

  1. [04:50] Are you worried that you are promising a bit much and won’t be able to live up people’s expectations?

    1. Spent the past 15 months calculating what exactly they can accomplish whether or not they need to develop new tech
      1. Stuff they’ve been showing are things they know they can get done
    2. Think the hype is mainly surrounding the systems, ideals, no-p2w

  1. [07:30] You have enough people to fulfill this massive MMO that you are planning?

    1. We have 14 developers currently
    2. Just launched their hiring campaign
    3. Plans to grow the studio
      1. Somewhere around ~40
      2. Will continue to grow after that as well
      3. Want to maintain the culture of the studio
  2. [07:00] As a new player starting the game, can you give us a glimpse of what we would be doing for the first 10-20 hours of game time?

    1. There will be starting zones to get your feet wet
      1. Not required
    2. 1st level player could “conceivably” explore the world
      1. Risky

  1. [09:00] Will AoC have Player to Player trading? (Like giving a new player money/items)

    1. Yes
    2. Systems in place to find people who are abusing the system

  1. [10:00] Any anti-botting systems that you plan on introducing?

    1. Really robust security systems and protocols in-place
    2. Being a sub based game makes the barrier of entry a lot higher
    3. Steven thinks they will be really successful combating it
    4. Jeffery and others have background in it, they’ve been proactive in designing around it from day one

  1. [11:00] Will gear in AoC be BoE?

    1. Staying away from BoE, bound items
      1. Doesn’t facilitate the objectives they have for their economy
    2. There may be “some” binding, exception rather than the rule

  1. [12:00] Will ashes have separate gear sets for PvP/PvE?

    1. No, no, no
    2. Sucks to have to grind different sets
    3. Want gear to be epic in and of itself
    4. Makes market more robust

  1. [13:00] Can you go more into the details of the climbing (parkour) in this game?

    1. We are going to have aspects of climbing/traversal
    2. Both combat and outside of combat, hazards, etc.
    3. Possibly not every class has access to parkour, rogue and similar might

  1. [15:30] Will AoC have Guild v. Guild declaration systems?

    1. Yes
    2. Not just your run of the mill wars
      1. Objective based
      2. Based on things those guilds may own

  1. [16:30] How alt friendly will AoC be?

    1. “Pretty alt-friendly”
    2. No specific barriers

  1. [17:30] Can I send gear from one of my characters to another?

    1. . You can transfer the gear via character to character
    2. No items in mail (current concept) - still playing with the idea

  1. [18:15] Will there be a level cap and how long will reaching that cap take?

    1. Good question
    2. No definitive answer at the moment

  1. [18:45]  What’s in the box?

    1. Oreos

  1. [19:00] What can we expect from questing in your game?  (Quality v Quantity)

    1. So much filler in current MMO quests
    2. Decided to take those “out of the equation”
    3. Created “tasks”
      1. Node based objectives
      2. “Narrative based”
    4. Split into some examples like: Events, Tasks, “Epic” quests
    5. Nobody wants to read bucket loads of text

  1. [22:00] Will be getting multiple choice quests?  (Where choices influence the outcome)

    1. Yes, common thread for the questline
    2. Speaks to agency of the characters.
    3. Makes the lore more meaningful.
      1. Going to be leaking some lore in the near future.

  1. [23:00] Will there be any other benefits to questing?  (Beyond XP)

    1. Yes. Especially with our 2 mil goal coming up.
    2. Certain social organizations may unlock paths/items
    3. Discovering the world will unlock items
    4. A lot of easter eggs.
  2. [24:20] Is the game going to be leveling through quest or grind?

    1. No grind. Grind sucks. We hate the grind.
    2. Need to disassociate the word “grind” with “time”
      1. There’s a lot of things that involve time that can progress your character
      2. Repetition won’t be a part of that progression
      3. We want enough stuff to do in the game where you “can’t do them all”
      4. Want people to see the fruits of their effort while they are doing things.
      5. We want it to be fun, we don’t want it to be work
    3. We’ve designed a lot of different paths for you to choose from
  3. [27:40] Will there be intuitive grouping or will be fighting each other over the mobs we are fighting?

    1. “I want there to be intuitive grouping”.  We all work on the same goal/area.
    2. Some of the events that exist in the game are very “intuitive group” based
    3. Want people to work together to accomplish things
      1. Some people may work together as antagonists
  4. [29:00] How will the world map be structured in relation to level progression?

    1. What’s been done in the past is world map works in a circular fashion towards a center, we’re working away from that.
    2. There are difficulties in all types of regions, and monsters are tied to the progression levels of the node as well.  
      1. The monsters will advance with the stage
    3. It will expand as the node progresses.
    4. High level nodes such as with a metropolis will include both lower scale and highest scale monsters and events
    5. Goal is to have the server level up with the population, not have there be specific places for lvl 10, lvl 20 and so on.
    6. Backbone of the system is introduced as the node progresses and is diverse across nodes
  5. [31:00] Will each zone or city have it’s own music?  What style/theme will you go for?

    1. Yes, want to make sure each environment has its own feel. It is very important.
    2. It will affect the mood of an area and terrain, as well as seasons.
    3. Will be a dynamic part of the immersion
  6. [32:30] Will there be any “equalized” PvP in this game? (For example, zone into a battleground, everyone with equalized stats)

    1. Possibly in arena battlegrounds with competitions, with ranks
    2. Not in the open world, “definitely not in open world”
    3. We may find that certain types of battlegrounds/arenas may have it.
    4. We are still talking about it.

  1. [34:30] What are the punishments for dying in this game?  Do they differ for PvP and PvE?

    1. At the moment they do not and we don’t think they will.
    2. May accrue negative experience that will affect how effectively you can play the game
    3. We are still talking about what those death penalties might include
    4. Could be things like debuffs, could have time preventing you from immediately re-entering combat, hp levels, etc

  1. [36:00] Will AoC have any legendary items?  (So legendary that only a few people will have them)

    1. There are legendaries that will be hard to acquire, limited
    2. There might be items that are single items that exist on the server at any given time
    3. Things that take a lot of time will reflect that in their scarcity in the game
    4. Could be things that run for “5 years” and people don’t find them

  1. [38:00] How high is optimization prioritized both client/server side?

    1. Optimization is a pretty important aspect
    2. We want client side and server peak epitome
    3. Great aspects of UE4 as an engine is that a lot of stuff is already baked in
    4. Got 60fps in example in center of city, on a 970 graphics card

  1. [39:00] Will there be any mechanics tied to crafting? (Or just gathering materials/clicking a UI button)

    1. Still working on it
    2. A lot of mechanics involved in crafting, one of our pillars of the economy
    3. You will see time spent wisely due to impact on world
    4. We want our systems to be fun.

  1. [40:00] Would you describe AoC as being more of a group-based MMO or single-player MMO?

    1. A lot of things a person can do from a single-player perspective.
    2. There are soft/NPC communities you will be in regardless.
    3. We’ve included a lot of mechanics to build communities for guilds or social communities or node communities
      1. A lot of versatility.
    4. Most fun you will have in an mmo is playing with people.
    5. “Single player RPG is a different genre, plenty of good games out there”
    6. Focused on scalability, small and large guilds

  1. [42:30] Will there be any kind of acknowledgement whenever you are the first group or guild to achieve something in the game?  (World/Server firsts)

    1. I personally love that idea, I think it will be prevalent - Steve
    2. There will be a lot of firsts.
    3. We want people to know when something is happening in the world.
    4. There will be leaderboards.
    5. They will be across multiple servers, not just for guilds or groups.

  1. [43:30] Is there going to be a way to increase your character's base weight limit in-game?

    1. It will not be the same from character creation all the way to end game
    2. Caravan system will move items on much bigger scale than an individual character (an order of magnitude more)
    3. Caravan system is not just for transfer of personal goods
      1. Used for quests, nodes, trade routes to help build nodes
      2. Caravans to be used to build up castle systems
    4. I can carry enough goods to support myself, anything large then the caravan system comes into play
    5. Solo player relatively safe, caravan system comes with risks
    6. Difficult to explain the caravan system in one QnA
      1. Later will talk about how they play into the regional economy, risk vs reward

  1. [46:30] Will there be AoE looting in this game? (Say you kill a bunch of mobs, will you have to loot each one or just the group)

    1. We have not included AoE looting in mechanics.
    2. We will address it as it gets closer, see how players are doing
    3. It’s on the shelf

  1. [47:20] Will you allow addons for AoC?

    1. Generally the answer is no.
    2. There is a point where addons become a necessary tool for players to have
    3. Parsers can have some nasty effects on players, if you are not the 1% the way you are treated

  1. [48:30] What are your design philosophies for the UI?  Will it be fully customizable?

    1. Yes. We want to add a lot of customization for adjusting the UI
    2. Lot of options to make it pleasing to the eye
    3. Its built with customization in mind, can change the UI when it gets boring

  1. [49:30] Is there any way to change your character's appearance after starting the game?

    1. *all nod yes*
    2. We will have salon shop items that allow you to go back to customize character
    3. There may be a cash shop item that allows you to change cosmetics
    4. May also be in-game item, not decided

  1. [50:00] Will everything in the cash shop be obtainable through in-game means?

    1. No, not everything.
    2. Lot of people concerned cash shop customization means nothing via in-game means, this is not the case
    3. Potato sacks confirmed!
    4. A lot of dyes/ costumes, diverse source of cosmetics in-game obtainable
    5. Achievements mentioned to unlock cosmetics
    6. Will never go down the scenario where monetization gets you ahead
    7. Seasonal cosmetics

  1. [52:30] Will you be able to change the control scheme in this game? (support for controllers, will it be ever be on consoles)

    1. You will be able to change your control scheme
    2. Unknown but good possibility for controller support
    3. Cannot answer where it will go to consoles
    4. Solid goal, take it to PC
      1. If possible, we will address console/controller concepts

        Transcript Source: Pkfyre: Google Docs


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