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Published on Jul 3, 2017
The discussion of PAX, Character Creation, and some Combat/Class info that will be playable at PAX Prime.

*Important Note* Class and Combat discussions relate solely to what they will have available at PAX Seattle this Sep 1-4th, 2017 for players to experience.

Stream begins at 2:53

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Ashes of Creation will have a large booth on the main floor at PAX prime in Seattle, WA. PAX coming up in two months. PAX Prime/PAX West in Seattle, WA from September 1-4 (visit HERE for registration information).

The Ashes of Creation booth will offer two different experiences for PAX attendees: a PvE experience and a PvP experience.
    1) PvE: The PvE experience will be allow multiple attendees to play together, as one of four archetypes (Tank, Ranger, Mage, Cleric) and experience a dungeon-like play through. The archetypes will be loaded with skills, buffs, effects, and utility abilities.
2) PvP: The PvP experience will pit teams of 4 against each other in a 4 v 4 arena, with the same available skill set for the PvE experience.

Ashes of Creation will offer unique merch for sale at PAX. They will also stream the experience for fans who can’t attend. Devs hinted at upcoming packages that may include PAX tickets in the coming weeks/months.


Character customization (CC):
  • All forms of personalization for a character: Scars, tattoos, different eye colors, eye types, shapes, were mentioned.
  • Sliders will be used to adjust different parts of face and body
  • Base male shown is a “fight club” version. This male form will be the standard the customization and sliders will be built around to offer flexibility and customization options.  
  • Tul’nar will be very different from other races because the other races won’t bring in mammalian, reptilian attributes (but the Tul’nar will).
    • The CC system will provide options, flexibility, and customization.
  • Once the CC system is ready for races, that’s something they want to open early for the player base to play around with.
  • Template functionality?


General notes:
Classes are being designed to work well together, within the trinity system, with appropriate functionality.
  • No skill tree
  • Solid kit with lots of functionality.
  • The “Utility Ability” listed for each class below is what will be available for preview at PAX, not necessarily the ONLY utility that will be released with these classes.

TANK: The ultimate badass.
    • Ability (Taunt): taunts are traditionally the ability for the tank to draw aggro from a target. Ability sometimes single target, cone target, or aoe target. Allows tanks to control the battlefield. Forcing the confrontation to happen on their terms.
    • Ability (Wall). How the tank can manipulate the battlefield. Tank will slam his foot on the ground and a wall will be constructed on, around, or in a direction he’s facing. The wall, while it exists, will apply a condition modifier to enemies that come within proximity to it, and will generate aggro back to the tank.
    • Ability (Pull/Lasso),“GET OVER HERE”. Spawn the wall, then pull a target into the wall- the target will hit the wall, fall down, and pulled to the tank.
    • Ultimate Ability (“Super hero leap”)- a staple for tanks. Deals damage and conditioned stun effect, perhaps a knockdown.
      • The tank can put the shield in the sky and offer aid to allies. % damage from allies will be transferred to him (dmg mitigation).
    • Utility Ability: threat detection. He can determine, within an area around him, which will detect creatures around him as well as their aggro (hostile, docile, etc.). Utility effects/skills not spammable. Will have CDs.

CLERIC: The master of Life. Cleric at PAX will be staff-wielding, upfront, and personal.
    • Ability: targeted spot heal (focus heal)
    • Ability: heal/damage over time that (HOT) acts as HOT for target and proximity based DOT for nearby enemies.
    • Ability: “Balance Life?. Life balance aoe that a cleric will lay down as a template. Enemies within the template will have their life removed while allies will have life restored based on life removed from enemies.
    • Effect: group balance life effect, Cleric can take the HP % of the party and balance them to a metric that is equal (averages party member’s HP)
    • Ability: Chain Heal effect. Can target a party member, launch a line of heals towards them that will arc based on proximity to other nearby allies. It will continue to jump to allies, when it jumps, it will deal burst damage to nearby enemies.. Powers up with each new jump
    • Ability: “Endow Life”. a short duration buff that will resurrect a fallen party member. If the party member dies while the buff is active, they can be immediately resurrected. If the party member dies without the buff, the cleric can cast it (long cast time) for the res.
    • Ultimate Ability: Divine Form. Grants party members within proximity to cleric (plus the cleric itself) a buff to heal and damage, provides a HOT to nearby allies and a DOT to nearby enemies. Cleric will rise up on their feet, during the 5 or so seconds, will hover/float while this happens.
    • Utility Ability: environmental cleansing/purge. The purge can clear/cleanse curses (cast by mages) for examples.

MAGE: Master of Elements. Spellbook as the weapon (at PAX), allows them to draw arcane energies (magic missiles) from the spell book.
    • Ability: Fireball. Is a fast cast, targetted spell that also deals splash dmg in an aoe template. You choose the point of impact, does fire damage that may light targets on fire (based on enemy conditions or environmental conditions).
    • Ability: Ice Prison. Long cast root skill. Allows the mage to lay down shards of ice that trap enemies, full root. Doesn’t do damage.
    • Ability: Lightning bolt, player determines direction of lightning bolt and it strikes in a line template. Projects out from mage, deals damage.
    • Ability: Self teleport (mobility). Teleport works in direction the mage is facing is the teleport.
    • Buff ability: Mirror Image… Mage gets a shimmer around them and for a few attacks increases their evasion… breaks after a few attacks.
    • Ultimate effect: Earth eruption that is a huge aoe earthquake, line template from direction mage is facing. Will trip enemies and deal damage when it hits them.
    • Utility skill: Detect magic will allow the mage to see magically hidden points of interest in their point of view.. Illusion spells for example.

RANGER: Death from a distance. Uses a bow. Combo will be a primary shot > double arrow shot > arcane shot. Rangers have a min. distance requirement for bow use.
    • Ability: Power shot. Held/charged up cast time. Longer charge time more damage (assumed).  
    • Snare ability: Fire a foot pin/hamstring shot that slows the target
    • Ability: mark a target that debuffs an enemy that will debuff them with additional damage from any other sources. Will have an effect that actually “marks” the target.
    • Ability: Dash/disengage. Pulls the ranger out of a bad situation. The skill will trigger an immediately bow shot after the disengage.
    • Buff ability: Prepare shots. Grab arrows out of the quiver, slams them in the ground. As long as ranger stays within proximity to those arrows, they get double damage on the next 4 shots. (Do the arrows in the ground match with how many double damage shots the ranger has left?)
    • Ultimate Ability: a rain of arrows. Lays down a template on the battlefield, and shoots off shots that will rain down in that area (“blot out of the sun”).
    • Utility (at PAX): tracking
    • Unique pets implied


Combat system technicalities: a keystroke skill input timeframe that activates on key click. The weapon-use abilities contain a keystroke-driven, precision-type system that allocates energy to the ability to use an ultimate skill, which all classes will have.
    Tank example: Shield bash. An attack will initiate from their weapon during a slash, a keystroke can be initiated that will hit a target with the tank’s shield, and initiating a second keystroke will add an additional action to the combo. Slash > bash > skill 3

Combos are optional, not a forced part of combat. You have the opportunity to keystroke at the right time, and when you do, you generate energy for the ultimate skill. For the tank, that ultimate will be a “Super hero” leap where he jumps/lunges forwards and within a forward arc pulls all targets within proximity to that forward cone.

Are combo keystrokes the only way to generate energy for ultimate abilities?


How will players who run in caravans know what nodes need supplies?
  • When you initiate a caravan you can choose the resources in it, if it’s being initiated for a certain quest for a nearby node, for simple warehouse trade, or resource trade.
  • The mayor will control communication on what their node needs in supplies. When in a nearby node, where you have to take a caravan to, you’ll have an option from a caravan NPC

Will healers be able to heal people who aren’t in their group w/out leaching exp?
  • Yes. Some skills will be group dependent (balance life skill)

Will every class be viable in multiple roles or will they have one role they excel at?
  • Yes, but that viability will have some dependency on spec and build.

Transcript Source: Nivhawk Google Docs


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