AoC Races - What We Know So Far...

Ashes of Creation will have five playable races and eight sub-races, with the sub-races each having their own set of values and guiding principles .

The races and sub-races are as follows:

Aela Humans: Kaelar and Vaelune
Pyrian Elves: Empyrean and PyRai
Kaivek Orcs: Ren’kai and Vek
Dunzenkell Dwares: Dunir and Nikua
Tulnars: Consisting of multiple races with human, reptilian, and mammalian like characteristics.

Aela Humans: Kaelar and Vaelune

Build. Order. Civilization. These are the foundational principles of the Kaelar. Their empire in the old world spanned the largest of all, and they plan to do the same in this world. Extremely loyal to their roots, the Kaelar will rise to the challenge.

Trade. Law. Hardship. The Vaelune were forged in the heat of the desert, and came out anew. Through focusing on trade, the Vaelune became one of the wealthiest empires in the land. They're no stranger to the idea of kill or be killed, whether it be the beasts in the harsh desert or the snakes in the market square.

Pyrian Elves: Empyrean and PyRai

Imperial. Pride. Culture. Though not as numerous as the Kaelar, the Empyreans are a force to be reckoned with. Elite military forces and highly structured government, the people of Empyrea surely have a plan to carve their place in the world.

Nature. Balance. Fury. All things come to balance in time, and nature always has her way. Don't let their love for nature fool you though, the Py'rai rarely take prisoners. Whether it is by bow or spear, the Py'rai's legacy will take root.

Kaivek Orcs: Ren’kai and Vek

Honor. Power. Tranquility. Through staying centered their power only grows. The Ren'Kai believe in ultimate focus and controlling their immense power. When a Ren'Kai becomes enraged though, there aren't many men or beasts who can live and tell the tale.

Celestial. Purpose. Fate. When one stargazes they find what beauty lies beyond our world, when The Vek stargaze they find what fate lies beyond our time. Star maps, numerology, and prophecy are integral parts of each Vek's life. Great leaders read the heavens for how wars will go, which empires will rise and fall, and the Vek often ask themselves "are we too late?"

Dunzenkell Dwares: Dunir and Nikua

Stoic. Tradition. Forge. Most of the peoples from the old world would see a mountain and think nothing of it, the Dünir saw a defensible home where riches abound. The Dünir take immense pride in what they craft and what they build; fortifications seem impregnable, warhammers that never break, or beautiful gems for their royalty are all in their repertoire. Don't be deceived by their stout stature, they're pound for pound the strongest warriors the world has ever known.

Family. Freedom, Courage. Where the Dünir saw mountains as home, the Niküa saw it as a prison. How could they complete the great hunt inside a cave? The craft of their brothers doesn't elude them though, as they too are highly skilled artisans. Instead of jewelry for nobles, the Niküa see crafting as a right of passage and the advancement of family. Will you progress your people from the mountains of your ancestors?


Currently, we do not know the values or principles of the Tulnar. However, one could surmise that they might include resilience, cooperation, and courage as this race moved to the Under Realm to save themselves instead of leaving the world as other races did.
Impact on the Player

While players are ultimately free to choose the values and principles of their own character, Nivhawk, of the Replendence Gaming Community, notes that races will provide augmentation for your skills. Races will affect your stats, and stats will affect your skills and abilities. In addition, races will give unique flavors to your class archetype skills. Classes will not be restricted to certain races. Races will allow you to apply augments to your primary archetype (class).



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