Crowdfunding Q&A

Following on from Diura's excellent post here are some additional official clarifications about the Ashes of Creation crowdfunding campaign.

Q. When will the Summer Campaign end?

A. Summer crowdfunding ends on July 21, 2017

Q. When will addon purchasing end?

A.  I will keep the add ons available until I can finish the concepts for each item,  and then will announce a date the add ons will be removed, giving everyone from KS enough time to decide whether to purchase them.

Q. Will we be given images of addons?

A. I've hired 8 additional team members. 2 of which are concept artists, add ons will remain available until concepts can be shown for each.

Q. Why are the addon prices so high?

A. The prices for the add ons are directly taken from the pricing in the KS/summer packages themselves, and the 20% discount on these limited and exclusive items is given only to KS backers.  The add on prices had to be fair to both summer backers and KS backers. Meaning summer backers buying a 1k package, shouldnt see a $25 KS backer being able to buy all of their exclusives for $50. So that is why I decided to keep the add on values of these items equal to their values in their respective packages. 


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