Morri's Musings - Where is the volcanic area?

On Friday, Intrepid Studios released about 8 seconds of footage on their Snapchat showcasing a volcanic area in the game. So for my musings I am going to throw a question out there: Where is the volcanic area? More specifically, is the volcanic area on the other side of the tropical region depicted in the Ashes of Creation concept art?

This question is of importance due to the fact that, since there is no fast travel in the game, knowing your surroundings is of utmost importance; and such knowledge can go a long way when searching for materials, engaging in quests, and making caravan runs - especially early in the game.

But is this even possible? Could two such distinct environments exist so close to one another? The answer is yes and luckily for us there is a real life example - Hawaii! Time for a brief geography lesson.

According to Hawaii’s own website the island is a place of distinct environments:

The lush east-side town of Hilo gets more than 130 inches of rain annually, while the Kohala Coast near Kawaihae usually gets no more than five inches a year. Ranging from the fern forests of Puna and the cool, misty breezes of Waimea, to the sunny lava plains of Kona and the dry heat of Kau, Hawaii Island is a place of stunningly distinct environments.

Kauai Beach

Toxic sulfur fumes and volcanic vents at the barren bottom of Kilauea Crater

As you can see from the two pictures above, Hawaii does indeed contain distinct environments. Couldn't Ashes of Creation have such an area?

If you compare Kauai Beach to the tropical concept art, they both bare striking similarities, including a large mountain/volcano in the background.

Tropical Dwarfs.jpg
Nik√ľa concept art

Now compare the Kilauea Crater with the volcanic area footage. Both consist of rocky landscape, volcanic vents, and sparse vegetation.

Slowed down to 30% for better analysis

In fact, both the Snapchat footage and concept art contain a mountain/volcano in the background. Could it be the same one linking the regions together?

In closing it is important to note that Steven has said that we will get to choose our starting gate. Hopefully, if you end up starting in a tropical zone and an NPC tells you to travel yonder to a place where mist rises from the ground, you’ll look over to the mountains, smile to yourself and say “I think I know where that is”.


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