[PvP] Flagging and The Corruption System

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In Ashes of Creation, a player can be in one of three states:
  • GREEN - Non-Combatant Player
  • PURPLE - A Combatant Player
  • RED - A Corrupt Player

A regular player will be seen as a GREEN non-combatant player. Various scenarios can be played out.

If a GREEN Non-Combatant player attacks a GREEN Non-Combatant player - the attacker will become a PURPLE Combatant.
  1. If the player being attacked does nothing they will remain  GREEN
  2. If the player being attacked retaliates they will also become PURPLE.

The PURPLE Combatant status lasts for a short period of time and is also a status gained when entering a PvP zone such as Castle Sieges, Caravan trading, Node Sieges etc (The PURPLE status will also last for a short period of time after leaving the PvP zone).

If a GREEN Non-Combatant Player attacks a RED Corrupt Player the attacking player will remain as GREEN. This is because a RED Corrupt Player is being ‘punished’ for their status and the GREEN attacker is being rewarded for their service by NOT being flagged.

If a PURPLE Combatant Player KILLS a GREEN Non-Combatant player the attacking Player will become a RED Corrupt Player.
  1. If the player being attacked does nothing they will remain GREEN
  2. If the player being attack retaliates they will become PURPLE

If a PURPLE Combatant Player KILLS a PURPLE Combatant player the attacking player will remain a PURPLE Combatant player
  1. This is because both participants are in agreement of the combat and this no further punishment is required.
  2. PURPLE combatant players will be seen in PvP zones as mentioned above.

If a PURPLE Combatant Player KILLS a RED Corrupt Player the attacking player will remain as PURPLE. This is because a RED Corrupt Player is being ‘punished’ for their status and the PURPLE attacker is being rewarded for their service by NOT being further punished.

RED Corrupt Player - The Corruption System

Well done RED Corrupted Player - you are now officially being punished by the Corruption System! The RED corrupted player has achieved their title by the methods mentioned above. You have attacked GREEN non-combatants only - who have not retaliated to your attacks.

If a RED Corrupt Player KILLS any Player the RED Corrupt Player will remain RED.

Being a RED Corrupt Player brings some added features
  1. A RED Corrupt Player has earned a Corruption Score which increases with each KILL a RED corrupt player causes.
  2. The RED Corrupt Players score will accumulate an Experience debt which is 3x heavier than the death penalties other players receive - which makes the RED Corrupt Player weaker and less effective at killing.
  3. The only way to reduce the RED Corrupt Players Corruption Score and Experience Debt is through their death. If you have a higher Corruption Score, the longer it will take to cleanse your Corruption.
  4. With death brings a chance to break the RED Corrupt Players carried equipment.

A BOUNTY HUNTER System will be available to players that have citizenship to a Stage 4 Military Node. The bounty hunter system will allow players to see RED Corrupt Players on the map.
A Corrupt Player can kill a Bounty Hunter without acquiring further Corruption points.

A PURPLE Combatant receives half the normal experience Debt and does not have the chance to break equipment.
As normal GREEN Non-combatant players and PURPLE Combatant players upon death receive gear durability loss and the chance of dropping raw materials from their inventory.

The Corruption System is there to deter players from "Ganking" GREEN Non-Combatant Players that do not wish to partake in combat.

Thank You to the Ashes Community that brought together this fantastic source of information at  Ashes of Creation - Known Information- Google Document

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  1. This is by far the worst PvP system ever created. The game will last a month and like 3 people will be left playing it.

  2. There will be absolutely no player retention with this system. The devs have no idea how toxic gamers can be. Not to mention the fact that most successful MMO's have PVE only servers and AoC is doing nothing to attract those customers. Buyer beware.

  3. We shall see. Remember the game is still in pre-alpha so many things are subject to change.

  4. This is such a crappy PvP system. PvP should be full-loot or full-loot with "damaged goods" that you can't pick up. What good is there at PvP-ing without any risk vs reward? This is such a care-bear system. If you want the game to have an "immersive experience" then it needs to be more realistic in a sense that the outcome of your activities in the game are realistic. If you kill someone you better be able to loot them or it'll be like wtf? If people cry about it then get good or get protection from mercenaries, that's it. Devs please read Legendary Moonlight Sculptor for ideas. There is also a Manhwa if you don't want to read light novels.

  5. Carebear system, no rewards for kill.You kill 1 carebear and than you get sort of banned. Such freedom wow, lets protect everyone with a shield, lets make game for the casuals and carebears.We need 2 servers, PvE for carebears because they are too much toxic and PvP server . Instead of writing "Devs I have been ganked by a pk, ban him pls! Remove pvp!"
    Just be more skilled, and get ready for the pk.

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  7. Maybe having factions of sorts is a good way to go. IE lets say Nodes are either in peace or at war with other Nodes. If two nodes are enemies then each citizen of each node is automatic PVP (purple)when they encounter each other. If two nodes are at 'peace' then this corruption system comes into play.....anyone who is not a citizen is fair game for everyone lol....like in real life.

  8. So there is incentive to kill GREEN players: durability loss, chance for dropped materials, and experience debt for green player. That is at least if the NOTE is correct. Also if level capped who cares about xp debt and it appears gear damage is avoidable if you gank in a group, which is standard practice, then bank your stuff and suicide. You can also avoid if you gank on an expendable alt if leveling is easy. This system might deter the lazy.

  9. I'm curious to know the logic behind giving non-combatants a higher death penalty than combatants.

  10. I would not have backed this project had i known it was so heavily PVP.