Discord Q&A's

These Q&A's were done on Discord
February 19, 2017 and May 13, 2017

► FEBRUARY 19, 2017 ◄
Will we see more keys given away soon enough with the rate of growth we see in the Community?
Oh yeah, the keys are going to increase in ratio to the community size, so next week we will
probably see that three jump up to four or five.
What I found in a lot of games is, that if you're questing normally and you are doing crafting,at least in a harvesting profession, I find that I have to backtrack to keep up, with about where I have to be with material to gear. How would you rate the growth in leveling?
We are not going see that type of issue in Ashes and the reason you see that in other games is
because the zones typically follow a linear progression with your adventuring class and the (???) in material necessary to create items for the game. Also coincide with what zone and what level the zone is. In Ashes our zones don't follow that type of linear progression where the monsters increase the deeper into wilderness you go, so to speak. Instead monsters spawning is tied towards node development. In the zone of influence of a node there are spawn tables, and those spawn table change as a node advances. So you may start the game with no nodes developed at the beginning of the game. Nodes may progress faster near these
starting points of the world in the beginning, which will increase the level of certain spawn tables
around those nodes which will change the type of resources that spawn as well. In addition we're
creating a very dynamic resource node mechanic that will allow all resources to spawn all across the world, in different places not restricted to certain zones.
Another thing is, our artisan class is a separate progression and it involves certain horizontal
progression methods that are not linear style as the adventuring class may can tell.
Is it going to take 5 months to get to 60 like in BDO?
So there is two questions there.
1. What is the grind like in Ashes?
2.If we are going to start the game with a level 50 cap, how fast do we want people to advance to
that cap in the adventuring class?
The answer is, we don't want it to be meaningless where people can advance to cap level in a matter of a week. We also don't want it to be a grind, because we are aware of western audiences are kin to that kind of grind system. We have to find a health balance in between. What exactly that number looks like in time I can't quite give you a definite answer at this time, but I can tell you it won't be meaningless and it won't be grindy. Take that as you may.
What about custom skins when crafting or customizing stats?
So, we want our crafters to be legendary. I personally have always felt that a person that devotes as much time towards a system like crafting that encompasses a majority of their playtime, than it should be reflected in their product. That means, that yes crafters will have an ability to customize their items and what the crafter fikoz creates might be different from the items Steven creates. It all depends on what type of focuses you go for.
Will there be an RNG element?
No, we want to diminish the amount of RNG involved in crafting. I really don't like that aspect so
much of crafting. And custom skins, yes. There will be a possibility for crafters to create custom
looking items, not just stats as well.
Regarding grind, will you try to encourage solo or small group mini boss take downs rather than slice a 100 wolfs?
I guess the answer there is, there will be a healthy mixture of both, the traditional numbers games when it comes to acquiring materials as well as the epic content that requires raids and large community efforts for epic items that are not capable of being mass produced but are very rare on the server.
How will creature respawning work?
It depends on the creature. There will be spawning zones, that will be spawn certain type of
monsters. And then there will be quest and story arc oriented spawns as well that depend on the
development on the servers node system. So let's say a dungeon exists with this arachnid style
monster as it's end boss so to speak and it drops a certain table of materials and possible loot drops and a node develops to stage four in a region close to that dungeon or even across the world which spawns a quest line or story arc which changes the perimeter of the monster spawning in the dungeons to some arcane monster that drops more arcane oriented loot. That's fully capable of occurring in the game and players have the agency the dynamic of the landscape in order to accommodate what their objectives are in regards to dropping loot and materials for certain types of epic items.
So spawning of mobs is both intrinsically tied to story line that develops with the nodes system as well as tradition zones that spawn monsters.
How is the combat going to be?

Compare it to another game as best as you can.

Well, the combat is going to be a combination of targeting method and positional mechanics that
will dictate and determine the ability of skills to land and the efficacy of those skills. So if I were to
compare it, I can't really, how I can compare it. I think really we are going for a proprietary blend of targeting and action, that might not have been seen before.
(skipped a short part of trying to compare an aspect to For Honor)
So you have single target and fight multiple targets at the same time?

You definitely can fight multiple people at the same time. I guess that comes specifically into your
class orientation. ""Difficult to describe, maybe clearance through the play through""
You are going to see in the play through with two additional classes, the fighter and the tank and
they are going through the same zone you already saw with the mage. The zone has progressed in two ways.
1. It's progressed in season to autumn season.
2. You will see a node having developed just outside the dungeon, we are going to do some stuff in the node first and that changed the dungeon from a monster standpoint. And you are going to see a boss fight.

Question about summoner? (Shorted down since the answer was basically:)
Will leave that to in-dept class blog.
Just like crafters have many perks like great/create? custom stuff, what about resource gathering and processors, what perks do they have and can do?
I think it was Star Wars:Galaxy that had elite materials, that could be gathered, and I'm not just
talking about rare proccs on gathering, but actual materials that spawned at an elite status.
One of the ideas I'm playing with which we haven't decided on is:
Utilizing the caravan system to move between regions might have the ability to increase the potency of the gatherables.
Let’s say you gather iron in an area and you take that iron and place it in an depository, a regional
warehouse, so it's in this regional warehouse. Then you summon a caravan and that caravan, you decide to select its destination for another node that exists in a different region and you are capable of moving that iron to that new node.
Having done so will allow the resource to upgrade in its potency. When used to craft a certain
item, will enhance its stats and potential even abilities the the item might have.
That's an example of a way that we can have resources mean something than just the static gathered resource and what they can do.
Is the adventuring class progression slowed down early on in the game, because of node progression needing to be?
In a way it is throttled by node progression. However, I think the balance between node progression and player activity on a server is going to be a healthy balance between progression and development so that you won't really see a slow down so to speak. The world will develop with the progression of the adventuring class. However you will not need developed nodes so to speak in order to continue progressing in the adventuring class, there will be enough content in the wilderness that players can progress in their adventuring class without having to do so in an area that's been developed.
Will there be a variety of weapons that change effects or mechanics? For example Guild Wars 2 depending on whichever weapon you had your skills are completely different. Another example, ArchAge, depending on what weapon you had you had bonus effects, like a hammer could occasional stun.
I think yes, I think right now the way we are designing our weapons there is a lot of flexibility
between the different arcane and martial classes and what your choice of weapon is and I think you will be able to see some flavor come from your weapon choice in your skill abilities and fighting style.I think the answer is yes but I think we will go more in depth on that discussion in a future blog post.
Will races have racial passives or abilities?
The races will not have any effect on any artisan classes, no race will be better at artisan in my
opinion. However races will have racial passives and they will have racial augments. Those augments and passives can be applied to any class choice taken by the player.
Will gatherers/crafters/processors be able to have shops in cites to sell their goods?
Yes, there are player shops inside our nodes. So at each stage of development from the village stage 3 and above there will be a town center that will have a static number of marketplaces and shops where players can sell their trade and/or even services potentially.
It may also be possible that one of the developments on your player built housing that's out in the
wilderness, can also include a structure that is used as a sale point or marketplace on your own land as well.
So that would mean we would have a little shop in front of our house?
Correct yes.
The weapons, will they just be used during abilities or will you actually be able to attack with a sword?
We are not going to have a auto attack mechanic, however there will be skills that will use your
weapon and will be low cooldown skills. So you will be able to attack with your weapon at the
same time as you can use skills with them.
So is it just pressing left mouse button to attack? Is there anything more in depth?
I think instead of the route of an auto attack like using your left mouse button or something. I think
we are going more towards fluid chain attacks when using your weapons. So you have the ability to combo at a higher dmg/dps or something, but it will be similar to as you said right clicking and
stuff, but you will have key interruptions that will allow you to combo and stuff.
So animation cancels?
How will you guys prevent p2w via gold seller player to player trading?
Outside of the standard mmo security mechanics that involve, algorithms and flagging accounts that have nonstandard action. We plan to have a very active gm community that will be proactive in preventing RMT, botting, spamming in chat, all that kind of stuff. It is something we haven't seen in most recent mmos for some reasons. I don't know why we moved away from active GMs, but that's something I feel very strongly about that GMs should be proactive in servers and stuff. Which means, yes, there will be a higher costs associated for customer service from that standpoint, but at the same time if you build up a subscription model game those are the types of things you can do.
Is that to say that gm's will be standing around in town/cites active or just playing a background role active?
I think they should be in town/cites active.
I feel, with what you have hinted so far, with the power they posses they could play some kind of Demi god role?
I don't know if they would have an active hand in the actual storyline or player community activities and stuff like that, more so that you are just aware of their presence and they literally be able to land that ban hammer if they see bots and stuff like that.
With the guild system will players be able to join different guilds with each characters?
You mean should accounts be locked to a single characters guild choice?
I would tend to not go that route, the reason is when you have a non faction based open world
game, Intelligence gathering and political intrigue (...)
(intermission elevator music since Steven disconnected)
and espionage are an important factor for gameplay. If i were to account lock guilds I would be
removing away a healthy aspect of the game for certain players.
Will a bannhammer animation like the grim reaper in gw1 be a thing?
You know I remember a while ago, I think it was in WoW, there was a Gm that used to summon
people before they got banned to like the epic raid boss chamber and would hear their case and ban them. I thought that was kind of cool. Probably, I don't know there might be an animation of some sort.
What are the benefits/drawbacks to PvP, and how are you going to balance PvP both small and large scale?
The benefits of PvP is a healthy mechanic of change to the world and its info structure. It gives
players a reason to be competitive, and being competitive promotes growth, achievement and long term goals. I fully understand, in mmos a large portion of players feel like PvE is the only thing they want to experience, and i can appreciate 100%. We are not building Ashes to be a game that is going to appeal to everybody. I think if a person sets out to do that, they are going to appeal to far less than if they had focused on a specific narrative.
PvP has an important role in the game. Are players are capable of playing the game without directly involving themselves in PvP? Well yes they technically could play the game without involving themselves in PvP mechanics, but we are
designing a world that is going to be rich in PvE. Because what you are playing centers around that PvE. Without an environment, PvP has no purpouse.So we have to build a very healthy, strong, rich, PvE oriented world so that there is meaning to engage in PvP.
I want PvP to be fluid organic I want it to exist in the open world. I don't want there to be a scenario where large guilds have the ability to just zerg every piece of content and control the narrative. That is a reason why I have promoted not allowing fast travel to be so abundant. I don't want people to just instantly port a 100 players at the first sniff of a caravan moving across the land. There is time associated with travel and when there is time associated with travel, you reduce the possibility of zerging occurring.
Any rewards for being on leader boards?
Short answer is yes.
Is there going to be instanced PvP zones like in GW2 arenas or BDO arenas in cities and towns?
Instancing is a very important topic. From a networking standpoint it is easier to instance certain
mechanics and from an open world standpoint you are going away from the whole open world
Point. Is there going to be instanced PvP zones? I would like to say no, and how we are going to tackle that i would wait to explain in a coming blog.
Is there a police force any official justice system?
We are definitely looking into a bounty hunter system, I'm not saying that it's going to be called
bounty hunter, but it relates to people who participate in how our flagging system works right now.
If you want to participate in PvP right now, every player exists in a non-combative state across the world. If they find a player and wish to attack that player they may do so but they do so at risk.
1.They become flagged with PvP, their name appears in purple anybody can attack them without
any repercussion and a fight can ensue. We want to incentives that to be the case in PvP and we do so by do so by reducing the death penalties associated with dying if you are flagged while you die.
    If you kill a person who is not flagged, you just go out and murder someone, then there is going to be heavy repercussion and this all comes to somebody might say:
"why are you going to give repercussions for pking someone, just remove that system entirely",
Well no, because everything in game as in life should have a risk vs reward scenario. The reward of killing another individual is the potential of gaining their gatherables and materials. They are not going to drop their gear. You can reap that reward. In addition if you just dislike that person or they came and grieved you somehow, you have a recourse that can associate some penalties to them. Which would include gear durability, XP penalties, and the headache of coming back to the zone.There is mechanic there.
    The downside, the risk is, now you are corrupt and you stay corrupt until you die, and when you die you die at a penalty of three times the norm and you include the potential of actually completed gear. So risk vs reward. And that should be satisfactory when deterring people from murdering and encouraging people in participating in PvP. (a little jump back from 39:50) When a person goes red their location is also displayed on the map
for people in that region for people who have the bounty hunter quest completion and keep it
updated. There will be rewards for hunting those players.
Can you steal stuff?
Of the top of my head I would like to say no. We haven't definitely designed for that, and I assume you mean stealing from other players? (Yes) Of the top of my head no, but it isn't something we have fully explored yet.
Will corruption have a visual effect?
Yes, corruption will have a visual effect.
Can open world houses be raided, if yes will owner get any compensation? What about cash shop furniture skins, if there will be any.
There will be cash shop furniture skins, yes.
Currently, in order to built an open world home you must do so in a zone of influence that falls
under the purview of a node that has advanced to stage 3 village. So at the stage 3 village that is
when players can build open world housing and it must be built under purview of that village.
    Currently, open world housing can not be randomly raided and destroyed and they won't ever be randomly attacked or destroyed. However through our siegeing mechanic where players can siege towns or nodes of village stage or higher which is a very difficult task, don't get me wrong it's not something that can happen overnight. Someone says"oh i siege this places" they go and siege that place and it's gone when you wake up. Not, that is not going to be the case.
    There will be a declaration period of days prior to an attack, citizens will defend and the defenders will have a strategic advantage. And the necessary resources and time associated for an attacker to actually siege a node should be comparable to that to what it takes to develop a node.
Should they be able to do so, then at that point player housing in that nodes zone of influence that was built will be destroyable for a period of time at which point then it will revert back to safety. So should they succeed they will have the ability to do that.
Reminder: Those are all design points we have now, but when we move in to testing and alpha phases, these things will be fleshed out to see how changes might occur to some of these systems.
Will there be PvP arenas, 1v1, with rankings?
Steven: (lazy me writing)
Yes to PvP arenas. Sizes, don't know right now, variable. Rankings yes.
Do you have any information on how many players will be able to be on one server World?
I don't have an answer at this moment. However we are currently in discussion with an unnamed
server integration software company, that might make that number higher than the norm. You will
see more information on that in the future.
Will I be able to waifu someone in AoC?
Um, there will be a Family system (not sure here)
What kind of leader boards do you plan to invent actually? Are there rewards for being in there?
Yes there will be leader board and there will be rewards for, do I know what type?
It will be a leader board that will be reflective of the ability and class categorizes of certain
archetypes so all players will have the abilities to perform in the arenas. Not just dps oriented.
Will we be able to join multiple guilds on a single character?
No, you won't be able to join multiple guilds on a single character. When you join a guild with a
character, that character will be in that guild.
Is there going to be party finder for dungeons?
That's definitely part of the integration that we want to include. Some type of system that allows
players to get groups. It's more friendly towards single players who are not integrated necessarily into a guild so to speak. So I would say, preliminarily, yes.
RPing and bards. Will it be possible to play a song from a special instrument, not necessarily their weapon, but maybe a furniture item from the internet or file?
Funny thing about bards, I fell often times in the past when games have introduced bards, they have been purely musical. I want to remind people that bards sometimes can tell a story and that story can be written in blood. So our bards don't necessarily have musical instruments.
Is it to early to talk about endgame? Do you have any plans for it at the moment?
Endgame is a term that I don't really like and neither those our lead designer Jeffrey. It's because in part in how our design with the node system and our dynamic story arc system, is that, when you reach so to speak endgame in your adventuring class we want there to be other paths that you can explore and other classes that you can advance in a more horizontal way. I think as we delve in deeper more into our multiple types of class, whether the religion class, artisan class the
adventuring class. There are things to do in the game that might remove the concept of endgame so to speak. Especially when the game has a heavy focus on player generated content via politics, economy. Endgame is an ever evolving dynamic that includes the actions of the community for people. That's kind of the concept we have on endgame.
Money drops
I always felt that, monster, monsters!, dropping money was strange. I understood if they dropped
artifacts and stuff. Our money drop system might be more aligned with a certificate drop, like if you go to a a node in a region that has certain types of monsters and you speak to some games man or hunter, they might give you an assignment or quest or whatever to collect different hides or scalps from monsters that exist out in that region. You would collect those certificates and you would turn them in at the end of an adventuring day to that individual and receive compensation that way. That just seems more immersive.
Does the weather during seasons change or will it always snow in winter and rain in spring?
Right now, weather does not change in seasons. Weather is specific to different seasons. It's also a feature you can toggle on or off for different things.
You talked about having some kind of gladiatorial arenas in rewards and recognition attached to it. Is there any class based arena or system in place that allows let's say support healers fighting each other?
I liked certain mechanics in regards to Lineage II Olympiad system. If we were to go the route of a hero class based system, there would definitely be some mechanics that involve those supports fighting each other or having class specific arenas. Right now I don't have an answer to that tho, if we are going to do that.
Will there be teachers like in tivia?
Mentorship and teacher programs are cool, I like them, because they allow interactions between
players that have been in the game and new players who are just joining, especially for friends and stuff. I think it coincides well with we have planed with certain horizontal progression systems we have in the game. Without giving a definitive yes, I would say maybe.
Will NPCs and nodes as whole relate to each other, help each, influence each other possible NPCs towns in between each other?
Right now, No. From a NPC perspective those nodes will not have agency over themselves, it will be something that's determined by the players specifically.
What's religion?
Religion, is a very important part of the lore.
Will the gods actually be doing anything, if there are gods?
What about non instanced arenas for competition, like Colosseum?
That's a good question.
If a siege happens in your city and your home get's destroyed do you lose furniture decorations and items stored in your house?
I would say no, you wouldn't lose those specific items, I would say that they are recoverable.
Will there be an enchanting system?
Yes, there will be an enchanting system. And that system may be partially RNG based.
What drove people from the world originally?
Okay, so lore and story. I'm huge on lore and story. I really want there to be a very.. how do I say
this. I don't want to reveal the lore of the story, because it's a very intrinsically part of the game. I
feel like if i reveal to much it's going to ruin it for yourselves.
I can give you background and I can give you what people will know from just starting the game.
You will receive those things, and as a matter of fact our concept artist has been working on one
particular reveal in the lore that sets the stage. That's probably get's released in (soon tm), but I
would wait until then. Lore and story are very important to me. Before I began thinking about the mechanics of Ashes I began thinking about the lore of it. That was a lot of personal work on my end and it's something I think is going to be very enjoyable.
For killing a corrupted player will you in turn get corrupted?
No, as a matter of fact, if you are a corrupted player and other people attack you, they don't even
flag for that. So if you are corrupted and want to defend yourself you will have to gain more
corruption to do so. Which again is a risk associated with that and i think will be a heavy deterrent
to murder and keep it within the realm of PvP.
Will there be legendary items?
Yes there will be legendary items. There will be certain items were only one may exists in the
Will there be any way to know who has those, so we can hunt them down if you want Them?
We haven't expanded on specifically certain legendary mechanics. For those who have played
Lineage II there was a sword that would drop randomly for a person and it would corrupt them or
give them Karma so they could be attacked by players and it gave them insane stats and shit. It
would last for either a certain period of time or a number of death. It would then have a chance for another player, if they were responsible for killing that person or whatever, they could potentially gain that item.I thought that was a cool mechanic. I'm not saying we are going to have that, it's something kept in our design theories when we are thinking about these legendary items.
Bards can also dance?
Yes, bards can also dance. Bards, can, dance, that's true, love it.
Will the cash shop include costumes? Personally I feel that a players appearance and gear should reflect their feats and power, and a costume sort of betrays that.
A character's appearance also reflects personality right? It reflects their character, and restricting it just to their feats and power kind of betrays player agency when determining how they wish to be portrayed. So costumes have an important aspect of that identity and yes there will be mainly!
costumes in the cash shop.
Will there be multiple lengths of subs to buy?
Yes, there will be different lengths, and different lengths will have different price points. There will
be a lifetime length available in the kickstarter only.
Will there be life skills and other ways to make ingame currency like fishing/mining?
We want to have professions that actually have an impact on your player progression so there will
be different professions and you can make a good living with those profession.
Will there be the possibility to breed mounts and sell them?
Yes there will and there will also be legendary mounts that will be found in the wild at an extremely limited rate of spawning. That can be than used in animal husbandry to create the ??? mounts.
If you find certain skin colours will you be able to breed their colour?
Steven: (this one is shortened because I simply didn't acoustically understand half the answer,
didn't recognize the words used)
There are mount "costumes"( referring to fur pattern/colour) that may be possible to attain through breeding and stuff.
You mentioned religion class, please explain.
I won't go into detail about what religions reflect but I will say that the religion class will (...)
Just as there are limited positions available for majors in the world and kings/queens of castles.
There will be a hierarchy associated with certain religions. There are a few religions available in the world. Those hierarchies will have positions like pope, bishop, cardinal, that kind of thing, not
specifically those names. It will have positions available to those who progress in depth into each
religious class. With those positions there will be additional augments that become unlocked that
players can assigned to their primary class. You know how our 2nd classes unlock augments that reflect their class, these religions will have certain types of focuses associated with their religion and those focuses will come into play through augments that get unleashed in the religion class Progression.
How will the guild system work? Will they be able to own castles out in the world that everybody can see or construct?
They will be able to own static castles. There are static castles in the world, there are a limited
number of them. They will be the focus of large sieges that will occur on a circle, likely once a
Will there be a day and night cycle?
Yes there will be a day and night cycle.
Will there be certain unexplored area that won't show up on the map and explorers will have to draw the map automatically ___ and sell the map of the area? So cartography?
Cartography is definitely a topic of conversations that has come up in our design meetings and we are still thinking about that.
Will corruption be curable?
Corruption will be curable, mostly through death.
Have you already nailed down the features for the alpha and will all of the things you have talked about today be included?
Those are very finite statements with words like all and nailed down. Our goal with the alpha is to
obviously take these designs we have developed thus far and incorporate them into alpha and when we do those alpha we will adapt to the play testing what we see, needs to be adapt, but these are core features that I'm talking about and those core features are very unlikely to be deviated from.
How will item durability work? Item will be repairable and you will be able hold them forever or will you lose them at some point?
A person who takes dmg, you have 500HP left and you take 600 dmg you have a negative achieved of a 100HP. If you have 500HP left and somebody hits you with a crit or a nuke or something and you die with a negative of 4000HP. The degree by which you die and the negatives you assume after your HP loss will determine the amount of durability that will be removed from your gear. It's not just a static %-tag or number, it's reflective of the dmg you have taken.Repair ability comes into play where, yes there will be a gold sink when repairing items, if you allow the durability to reach zero and your item breaks it will be removed from your equipment. You must visit a crafter who has the ability to craft that item and use a certain portion of materials that was necessary to craft it originally but at a lesser degree to repair the item. Players will be able to have those reparability available in repair shops so to speak when i was saying villages will have those market places and they could render services. Some of those services will be repair services that will allow you to access their recipe book and take your item there with the materials to repair.
While we are talking about hierarchy, what kind of hierarchy will be available for
That will be a lot of player agency. The guild leader will be capable of customizing ranks and
abilities within the guild for their members to achieve and create their own hierarchy.
What stops a friend from killing you to remove your corruption?
Well I guess nothing would stop necessarily in this system a friend from killing you to remove
corruption. The loss of corruption is associated with the enhanced death penalty. So you better make sure when you gain corruption:
A. Have a friend available to kill you.
B. You do so in an area that is not populated.
The whole purpose of the flagging system is to deter people from gaining corruption and I feel
those penalties are a healthy deterrence.
Will you be able to specialize in let's say armor, weapon crafting/accessories? Will they be different things or will they all fall under crafting?
Yes they will be different things.
When will the kickstarter start?
There are certain development benchmarks that I want us to achieve before we move to kickstarter.I feel that the atmosphere of crowd sourcing has become very toxic, based on certain games that have moved to kickstarter with really just concepts and concept arts. Nothing was invested into the game prior to them going to crowd sourcing. I think that in order to raise above that toxicity it's important for us to reach certain development benchmarks. I can't give you a definite date but soon Tm.
Customizing Graphics
The versatility of Unreal Engine to create a customizable experience on the user end for those
graphics is very great and I will say is that our goals for optimization and allowing for the game to
span a lot of different types of rigs is achievable and you will see that when our alpha launches.
Character customization, will people be able to make super ugly characters?

There are going to be three primary builds that character customizations are going to fall into and
those three primary builds, while differ from each other to a good degree, players won't be able to deviate too far from that portrayal of the race. There will be definitely fine tuning that will highly
customizable, special in regards to the face, but from a body standpoint you are not going to see an 8 foot(2.4meters) tall halfling so to speak.
Will people with toaster PCs be able to play the game?
They will be able to make toast, but they probably won't be able to make the game.
I had my technical director give me a couple months ago a preliminary spec association with our
game based of of UE4 parameters. It was very achievable. I won't give you specs yet.
What about portals in short range for use in combat? The game "Portal" like portals.
Probably not.
Will there be mounted combat?
There will be certain combats you can participate in with mounts yes, certain combat maneuvers. They will be more localized to the type of mount not your class. Similar to ArchAge.
Water content
The whole water scene is something I don't have the answer to yet. It is an entirely different scope of production and development that we won't be able to ascertain until after we see what type of interest Ashes can achieve in the coming months.
Have you considered going a more unique approach. Maybe trying something like airship combat rather than the traditional ocean battle?
There are certain metropolises that will have air travel between them.
Will religions work as some sort of factions for later religion vs religion PvP wars?
I don't want to answer that question yet but definitely the term faction in the traditional sense where people are associated with a faction. I don't think that is how it would work.
Class balance, a theme that has appeared in a lot of mmos is that there is sort of a cycle of what class is the best. Do you think you will pay attention to sort of minor class information or will there be a class that just statistically and typically is the best until it get's changed?
In my opinion if ever there is an atmosphere created where there is only a certain amount of classes are just the hands down top classes, then we have failed in our balancing ability.
I want there to be a vocational aspect towards class development where classes perform better in certain scenarios so to speak. More kind of like a rock-paper-scissors feel in balancing. I think
different styles of classes based on what 2nd classes you choose to augment the primary archetype with, I think that they all should be viable and competitive. We should move away from that style of balancing,"okay we are going to have this class top tier for two months and then we have this class top tier for two months". I think that is just a disservice to the community in general where people are building their character and identity around a certain class because they either enjoy that aspect or the lore or whatever and then they get the rug ripped out from under them.
Will you be collecting statistics on everything?
Oh yeah, absolutely.
Movement skills of classes.
I would say, that that question would be better answered by our class blogs than me rambling
through different skills and abilities. We will have in-dept archetype blogs that will focus on abilities and those classes before we even release what the class tress are gona look like in regards to skills.
Persistent (BDO) or summon-desummon mounts like WoW?
They are more going to be like summon-desummon like WoW or ArchAge.
Battle pets? Will they matter? Will the amount of pets you
have be limited to one? Class based?
There will be battle pets and there will be pets, there will be two different kinds of pets. One will be able to participate in combat and the other might grant you some kind of passive benefit that would be persistent at your side, kind of a smaller looking thing. We haven't fully fleshed out the pet system yet because we are still working on characters and stuff, but, you know, I think that pets should have significance only if significant time is dedicated towards that pet. So just having a pet won't necessarily be significant, but if you spend the time necessary to level and develop that pet than i feel that it should have some type of effect on battle.
You would likely be able to have as many pets as you like, but only one summoned at a time.
I don't know if they will be class based.
Will there be a Loli class?
I do not think we are going to go towards what lolis (to much side noise). We are not going to have a loli I'm sorry, but if you wanted a more realistic looking loli like just a short person that's (side noise "wide?")

Transcribed by Zekece

► MAY 13, 2017 ◄
Will people who focus on crafting be able to keep up with other players in character progression?
Crafting is such an in-depth system. PVE and questing, that is relatable to the adventuring class. Crafting is an artisan class. It’s a different approach. These are separate progression advancement tracks. Will you experience some crossover between progressing in adventuring and artisan classes? Yes. But primarily, systems advance once class or another.
Guild leader set tax rate regardless of node ownership?
No guild specific taxation. There are a lot of guild leader tools they can implement in the guild interface system. There could be a defact “Hey, deposit this into” or payments are necessary, but there isn’t a specific field to denote taxation.
Authenticator system?
Being a hardcore player, I always had the problem that my time advancements don’t pay off. I’ve been playing all this time and everytime you log in, you feel like you can’t catch up to the people that have more time than you have. It’s annoying knowing you can spend the entire day, but the person who has more time will always whoop your ass.
There’s a catch 22. Players who have less time should still be relevant and meaningful, but you also have to ensure folks who play 10 hours a day need to see a reward for their time spent. Emphasis on skill and ability to perform in your role should be seen without having to play 10 hours a day.
Steven, you talked about crafting and how it’s a big thing in the game for the economy. Weapons, armor system, but one problem in Guild Wars 2, in the very endgame, a lot of the gear is the same. Max level items are identical. Suggestion: we can have 2%-3% of the base crafting stats to be RNG. Sword is 100 and folks can craft 97-98
You don’t have to introduce an RNG element to conquer the problem. Your progression in the artisan tree enables you as a crafter to exercise agency over what stats the item contains. Those stats are specific to what role your class is customized to achieve (PVE vs. PVP). There’s a wide range of applicable stats based on what the master crafter has set those dials to when crafting that item. Set bonuses are different, passives are different. When you reach top tier crafting, you’re going to have a diverse realm of items and gears that relate to how you’ve built your character.
Set bonuses by the crafter or only dropped items?
There’s very in-depth blogs coming in the future.
By that logic, the artisan tree has a lot of abilities and can’t choose them all?
Two things: one – there are parameters on the dials determined by the recipe; second – you may unlock different dials based on progression in the game. The social organizations $2M KS goal, being a captain in the thieves’ guild may unlock a certain dial that you could apply when crafting leather armor. That could relate to more dex/evasion classes.

As a player, I like to find the most efficient way to abuse things? How will you balance the defender award? Filling the caravan with useless stuff? Is the reward based on game-generated algorithm, or a player based reward?
Blogs coming. Caravans has different applications. It’s not reserved for just personal goods. Certain node specific quests – like class specific buildings in a node, building up castle defenses, politics, etc. Caravans are wide-ranging. Rewards for defenders, there’s a cut-off point where they can join along the path, rewards based on type of caravan, and should be comparable to bandit achievements. If you are launching a personal caravan, it’s likely you’ll be relying heavily on friends or doing it at a time/place that’s less-traveled.
Is there something that makes the ecosystem dynamic?
Different zones are tied to different ecosystems. You’ll see them fluctuate based on the progression of nodes in the world works. Environment also changes based on player actions.
Will the world have dynamic world? Akin to RIFT’s rifts? Certain areas with events always going on?
There’s definitely going to be events that occur. As progression occurs, players can choose where they’re participating, along with highly sought after hunting grounds. Events will be abundant.
Can you interact with monster bosses – climb on their face and smack them?
We haven’t made up our minds on that yet.
Will there be music macro language? MML? It’s like macro scripts?
We’re going to have not only music but potentially customized dance. I’m not sure on the specific language that will be used. We haven’t addressed that in design discussion.
Can a heavy metal band do our fancy music?
How are you going to prevent RMT and gold selling?
We’ve implemented the security mechanisms in the game. In now P2W, we won’t allow gold sellers to circumvent our position on this. Behavioral algorithms, security mechanisms, we’ll have very versatile metrics we’re using to monitor those accounts. In addition, being subscription based game cuts out a large percentage of accounts made to just sell gold. It increases the barrier to entry. We can’t have 100% efficacy, but we’ll try very hard.
Will dungeons and raid bosses have clear times for guilds can complete?
We definitely want there to be ladders and reports of performance. Whether dungeons will rely on those to open drop tables; maybe some, not all. It’s a cool aspect.
Will the game have potions? Is there an artisan class for alchemy?
Yes, absolutely. Never potions that replace the role of a class. Items should never replace a class’ abilities or value. Potions will probably not give buffs; maybe, but I wouldn’t answer that question right now.
Will classes have a direct influence on an establishment, like a bard telling a story in a tavern?
Non-utility actions in a social sense. It’s something we’re interested in.
What happens if you have a freehold in a node that gets taken over?
Freeholds exist within ZOIs, not in the “node” itself. If the node is attacked and destroyed, then the ZOI has a time period of open PVP where freeholds can be attacked and destroyed (an hour or two after successful siege). If your freehold still exists and is not under the ZOI of another node, then it will disappear. Freeholds are along the lines of – when you receive a plot and lay down the plot and construct buildings, industry, etc. You only construct them once, but the design and assets on the freehold area already constructed and can be laid down in another freehold location. If the freehold is under the ZOI of a village and a metro, if the village gets destroyed, only that ZOI is susceptible to attack; if it’s also under a metropolis, it wouldn’t be.
You cannot steal from a freehold.
I don’t have an issue if the person’s putting it the time and effort – I see it as an alt.
Can you put a vendor in a freehold?
Some vendors are possible. It also depends on the node’s progression. Taverns and inns allow players a place to rest and eat food or drink your ale. Those will grant them benefits while they’re nearby.
What is sleeping like in an inn?
When you rest, you regenerate, rejuvenation, and how it impacts your character and rested experience will be gone into deeper in the future.
In your podcast with MMORPG, you mentioned there are themeboxish quests that open as a node progresses? After a node reaches max level, will more quests appear over time? What is the plan to give PVE people something to do in the same node?
Each node has its own story, progression, and paths available inside that node. New quests, PVE actions, etc. continue, especially after reaching metropolis stage – there will be LOTS to do. The node mechanic also allows any new content and expansions to be tied into the nodes and become available for players. Setting up the world, we want to ensure there’s a lot of questions.
Will certain nodes even at level 50 it’s not a good place to solo due to mob difficulty?
Every base sized zone, stage 0 node, it contains a chart of spawn tables and those spawn tables relate to the content that exists in the zone. When the node advances, it includes higher level content. The most challenging content will fall in that node at the “final stages”. Content can be for a beginner and highest level will also be in that ZOI. Metros cover 1/5th of the world’s size.
Will there be a troll class just because it’s cool?
I don’t know about that question.
If a node gets destroyed, I’ve lost everything. Yes, there is an initial front of effort and items and materials, but once it’s been done, you can replicate it again if you were ever to lose it. We will have saved positioning (templates). We want to make sure that change and development are in the game with equal effort.
Will KS rewards redeemable in multiple regions at the same time? Braver of Worlds in EU and wants to play on NA?
Rewards are account-wide. If you’re on a server, you can assign the reward to that character. If you want to reassign to a different character, you can. It can only exist on one character.
Guild items in Kickstarter, can they be given to others?
Yes. By being a member of the guild, you bring those benefits to the guild.
Max level is what?
We have an idea, but we aren’t announcing it. The conception is that it’s 50, but that may be, but it’s not decided.
Home in multiple metros?
The home doesn’t give you the citizenship; it gives you the ability to choose it as a citizenship. You could claim citizenship where you wanted citizenship. You could change to another apartment to another node.
Can summoner/fighter use flying swords?
We’re going to do class overviews soon. He’ll have a very good idea of what the parameters of a summoner then.
What’s your favorite class?
I can’t do that.
Will you have an in-depth utility system/items? Resist gear, instant click, and continuous buff items?
It’s going to be more aligned with activatable gear and not just tied to gear. We want skills to be more dynamic than just combat or buffs. Exploration and adventuring has skills to help overcome hazards in dungeons and open world. It helps encourage role diversity. Specific archetypes have different utility skills/items.
Endgame tier sets with bonuses like WOW?
How does weather impact combat?
It has an important role in gameplay and mechanics how crops are developed and dungeons are available, hazards, etc. It will affect trade routes and economy.
Can we start forest fires?
Being that I’m from San Diego and fires are serious, I’d prefer to not include them in the game.
Freehold location restrictions?
It’s very open. Assets can be overridden like rocks and trees; not pathing. When a node expands to tier 3, you can place a freehold anywhere as long as it meets proximity restrictions (to each other).
How many primary/secondary skills?
Undetermined. More to come.

Transcript Source: Organic's Notes Google Docs


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