Ashes of Creation - PAX West SEP 1 - 4, 2017

Countdown to PAX!

Intrepid Studios will be ‘opening’ the Gates to an extraordinary weekend of Pre-Alpha experiences of Ashes of Creation at PAX West Seattle, WA at 10am PST, 1st SEP 2017!

PAX Weekend will be open from SEP 1-4 2017!

If you have yet to hear of Ashes of Creation then PAX might be something you will want to keep your eyes on!

What Can you expect at PAX?

Intrepid Studios will have a“pretty large set up" on the MAIN FLOOR with two experiences for players.
  • A PvE experience
  • A PvP experience

These experience will be self contained and will reflect about 20% of the broader game. The PAX experience will be a very focused quick driven game experience. Each experience will be about 15 minutes and will allow attendees to have a taste of what is to come!

More on the PAX set up HERE
Remember this is a PRE ALPHA EXPERIENCE!

The PvE Experience

Small groups of players will start out in small town and take part in an escort duty with a caravan, see the town progress, go through a dungeon delve and experience 4 playable classes which are PRIMARY ARCHETYPES ONLY (THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY SECONDARY ARCHETYPES)

The classes available are: TANK, RANGER, MAGE, CLERIC

Check out available classes HERE

One of the DEVS will be present to walk you through the PVE experience.

The PvP Experience

Eight stations will be set up in a team versus team battle in an arena! These will be 4v4 arenas! This is to give players a sense of what it is like to play against another player in Ashes of Creation!

Check out the PvP arena environments HERE

Attending PAX

PAX Tickets are currently sold out however Intrepid Studios will be Streaming (on Twitch) the entire weekend and uploading video summaries on their YouTube channel!

If you were lucky enough to grab a PAX pack here are some details you may need to know!

VIP ticket's are picked up onsite and will be personally greeted by someone from intrepid studios dev team. - emails will be sent out to coordinate the onsite greeting.

Attendee tickets can be picked up at registration.

More information about the pickup process will be emailed out to you in the lead up to PAX, so keep a eye out for that email!

Available Merchandise

Merchandise will be available to purchase at PAX! For those that can’t attend PAX don’t worry! A few days before PAX begins some merchandise will be available via that online store!

Intrepid Studio Panel Time

PAX Booth Location!

Click HERE for images of the PAX Map! Ashes of Creation is on level 4!

Links you need!
Here are some of the links you’ll need to get yourself set up for PAX!

Thankyou Freelancer for providing the PAX Map!