Community Event: Ashes Got Talent

Hello Everyone!

If you've been keeping up with the Mods on the Official Discord, then you will know that we've been working to create some awesome events for you guys to continue the hype for Ashes of Creation. We've created a small project known as Ashes of Community, and we made our debut with the Guild Fair. We've also released our Introduction Video to let you guys know what we want to do (Watch Here)!
To continue our events, we are going to be hosting our very first Ashes Got Talent event on the Ashes of Creation Discord.

The events will be an over-the-mic talent contest, where you will do whatever it is you can do for entertainment. The most entertaining to listen to will be determined the winner. Anything goes, be it comedy (roasting people is allowed just make sure you don't go too far), singing, beat boxing, voice impressions, or if your mic is able to handle it - you could play instruments over it as well.

The winners will be decided by a panel of judges being @Shunex, @Belewyn and this event's Sponsor, @Caedes.

The rewards as of now are going to be gift cards, and an additional surprise to the first place winner. Each contest will end with 3 winners, excluding the surprise, the rewards will be as follows:

    1st Place: Ashes of Creation Sweater (Color of your Choice) and Shirt!

    2nd Place: Ashes of Creation Shirt

    3rd Place: Ashes of Creation Hat!

If you'd like to join us for this event, just simply show up to the Ashes Got Talent voice channel. This event will be streamed and made available on the Ashes of Community YouTube Channel!

Good luck to everyone!

The Event will take place on Saturday, September 2nd at 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST

Regulations:The Code of Conduct placed upon these wondrous forums will serve as a base for the rules in place when it comes to its community events. Any intent of trolling or flaming another member of the community for the intention of bringing them down on their performance, will be actioned upon. This is a positive community event, and will be respected as such. Performances will be at maximum of 2-3 minutes each. We will stop any performance going further than that point.

For Singers:
We understand that you may need some background music to accompany your performance, for that reason we've created a TogetherTube channel. The accompaniment must be instrumental in its entirety, whether official or fanmade.

For Musicians:

We ask that you use your best judgement when it comes to microphone placement. Voice activation will be available for your usage, however please make sure to do a soundcheck beforehand in another channel or your own Discord to avoid any potential feedback or crazy sounds.

For Comedians and Vocal Users:
As posted previously, we ask that you adhere to our community regulations and understand that any jokes deemed too inappropriate (This is a Rated M Community, use your best judgement on that.) will be automatically disqualified. We ask that you don't personally attack any users, however you may target them in your jokes as you see fit. Using said jokes to bring them down will be an automatic disqualification.


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