Ashes Of Creation Gameplay PvE - PAX WEST 2017

PAX PvE Gameplay!

PAX Weekend is still going strong and special thanks to Ninja Kitten77 !
NinjaKitten77 has been keeping track and giving the Ashes community a variety of playthrough videos!
Check out their channel for perspective PvE plays on Tank (above video) Cleric , Ranger and Mage!

On Sunday 3 Sep 2017 at  12:00PST-13:00PST Ashes of Creation Panel interview will be live and will feature a special guest! Make sure to check it out as some special announcements will be made!

Also a very special shout out to the participants of the Ashes of Creation Community for a fun and entertaining Community event last night!
The winners!

1.) @[!MP] Gideon (Sweater and T-Shirt!)
2.) @pupgames (Shirt!)
3.) @[NX] Kani (Hat!)

If you missed the event you can check it out here!



  1. Combat seems a bit clunky still, hopefully will get better before launch

  2. I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't. This is Pre-Alpha footage, thrown together for a PAX event. Considering that, this is amazing work.

    1. Lots of reasons why they shouldn't have been at pax. Might have been a better decision to just stay out of it this year and come next year when it is a lot more polished.