Pre-Order Packs Available in the Cosmetic Store

These packages offer a mixture of unique cosmetic items and early access to Alpha 1, 2 or Beta 1, 2 testing phases.

Pre-order packages are only available during the month they are featured and will never be available again for purchase.

In order to own a pre-order pack's cosmetics, you must either purchase the pack during the month that that cosmetic is featured; or have purchased that level pack or higher in a previous month in order to buy the cosmetic as an addon (see below).
PAX package owners will have the option to exchange their purchase for one of the pre-order packs.

Alpha-0 bonus entries

Every pre-order pack includes between 4 and 10 additional entries to the Alpha 0 key raffles. Crowdfunding backers will also receive 15 additional entries to the Alpha 0 raffles!

Pre-order pack addons

In addition to the cosmetic items granted with pre-order packs, purchasers will also be entitled to obtain future monthly cosmetics as addons at their pre-order pack level and below. Addon functionality is not currently in place in the cosmetic store. This is expected early in the new year.

Kickstarter and summer crowdfunding backers will always be able to purchase pre-order pack cosmetics as addons.

Add-on cosmetic prices are expected to range between $5 and $20. Racial skins will be higher.

More information

More information relating to pre-order packs can be found here.             


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